Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Because it's easier to ask you guys than to look stuff up on my own.

1. How long does a member of the Grey Council serve?  Is it for life?

2. In what episode does Delenn tell the story about getting lost and having, like, Valen or something chill with her in a temple?  (I know she's telling the story to someone, but I'm pretty sure it's not John, and beyond that, I have no memory of this place of this scene.

Truthful Admissions: Sometimes when I'm getting stuck on a fairly minor point of canon, I just change what I'm writing instead of hunt the information down, or if I do hunt it down and it's contrary to what I had thought.  But not in this case.

ETA: All questions answered!
Tags: b5, questions..questions that need answering

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