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31 March 2012 @ 11:28 pm
To the Championship!  

NGL, I cried a little bit at the end.  I still can't quite believe it.  We had to take a nighttime walk, we were all so worked up over it.  Will likely never sleep.
Shannon: jayhawkkungfuwaynewho on April 1st, 2012 01:12 pm (UTC)
Dude. Okay, so sometimes I don't always make the connection between "team we're playing" and "academic institution people attend." And I hadn't put two and two together until that montage of players before they announce the starting line-ups, when the team intoned, "We are...THE Ohio State University." And I was like, LOLOL haha Catherine. That's right.

But yeah, there was a moment when I bailed to watch on ESPN play-by-play at about the 3:30 mark in the first half, when I morosely thought, "Well, at least she'll be happy."

It was a weird end to a game, wasn't it? We were all standing and had our arms up and were freaking out and then everyone was just like, wait. What's happening? Why is everyone standing around? I did feel kinda bad for Craft, who had done his damnedest there (and is the exact reason why I don't like intentionally fouling in that situation), and clearly was still protesting with the officials and I don't think knew we had even in-bounded. It was a bizarre finish, for sure.
cath822cath822 on April 1st, 2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
Heh, yeah, it was a pretty big deal here. Not as big of a deal as football, but people were pretty psyched. But I'll be honest; I'm kind of a bandwagon fan. I only started watching for the Sweet Sixteen game, and I wanted to watch this game because it was exciting, and it's my school, and we could have been champions, and I can say that it happened during my last year, but it didn't, and that's too bad. But in the long run, it's better that KU won, because I haven't really earned it as a fan. I swear, every time I see FG on the screen, someone has to remind me that it's field goal, and no, that's not just a football thing.

The ending was so weird. I always imagine the last-minute strategy being a triumphant three-point miracle shot from across the court, not "I'm going to try to miss a free throw and then rebound it myself but I crossed the line too early WHOOPS I missed anyway" and then everyone just stands around trying to figure out what happened. Either way, the best we could have hoped for at that point was overtime, so the people I was watching the game with had kind of resigned themselves to a loss at that point.

I swear, I kept seeing Withey's shirt, and I know his name is Withey, but I always want to call him Whitey.