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I've been coming home the last few days and watching a random episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Out of all the shows I've ever loved, it's strange that it has become my comfort show - especially since the episodes I generally like to watch are the darkest and what you would think to be the least comforting.  I'm sure there's some kind of psychological who-zit thingy that explains it or whatever.  Last night I watched "The Oath," which is just perfect.  It really is.  It made me think that maybe the goal of any show is to reach a point where you can have an episode like that, so dense, every single character playing their parts, even the tiny supporting and recurring characters.  Where even the setting becomes a character, integral to the plot and the mood.

And I was thinking about how that episode wouldn't work if, in some way, Gaeta wasn't absolutely right.

As much as I've enjoyed Fringe (though not so much last season), and shows like Community and Parks and Rec (though sitcoms aren't quite the same for me), I haven't loved a currently-airing show since BSG the way I still love BSG.  I miss it.
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