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I need to have a logline for the producer's book for AFF.  I FUCKING HATE WRITING LOGLINES.  I AM THE WORST AT WRITING LOGLINES.

What is a logline?  "A log line or logline is a brief summary of a television program or film, often providing both a synopsis of the program's plot, and an emotional "hook" to stimulate interest."  For most of the people who will see the book, they won't have read the script, so my logline is my one shot to get them interested in the script.

Here was my first attempt:

The people of the village have always lived in terror, cowering under the shadow of the mountain above them, and the dark Count who rules from the castle there – until the day a young woman decides that enough is enough, and journeys to the castle to end the terror for good.

And I thought that was really boring and sucked.  So I came up with:

An ancient evil lurks in the castle on the mountain.  The villagers cower in terror, but one young mother has had enough, and journeys to the castle to deal with the Count herself.

This felt better, but also...cornier? 

So please, please, help me.  Relevant info: it's a classic vampire movie, the protagonist is a woman, she is a BAMF who just like decides to tell the evil vampire guy "bro leave us alone for real" like to his face.  And it's more about atmospheric horror and unheimlich than it's about gore and such.

I need to turn it in by tomorrow afternoon at the latest; I'd rather have it decided tonight or tomorrow morning and have it over and done with.  So any feedback would be amazing and perfect and I would love you forever and maybe write you fic.  Please and thank you.  :DDDDD
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