Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

NaNoWriMo - Completed!

I finished about 8pm on the 30th.  What with NaNo, work, and a big freelance project I finished this past weekend, I ended up taking a bit of a computer sabbatical.  (I was starting to have back pain from sitting at a computer for pretty much the entire day for two weeks, heh.)  I'm not even at my act one break point from my outline, so I'm not really sure what the structure of this novel is going to end up being, but I'm just going to keep writing and see where I end up. 

Have started working on a new screenplay idea that I'm very excited about.  Doing some research first because it's a period piece, and I like to let the story itself percolate for a bit before I get started; let my subconscious mind do some of the heavy-lifting.  And then I have two screenplays from last year to revise, and maybe a new TV pilot, if I have the time.  (Hahahaha.) 

Anyway, my life is terribly boring right now.  What with work, second work, and writing, my fandom presence is basically nonexistent these days.  I'm not in any active landcomms anymore, and I haven't written fic in months.  Which means this online social sphere is essentially dead.  This is something I'm very sad about, to be honest, but there's not much to be done about it.  Sometimes I think I'd like to drop the second job, but the money is very useful, especially as it's becoming clear that we're probably going to need to buy a new washing machine.  (Sigh.)  Ah well.
Tags: boring, nanowrimo, real life, writing
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