Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Yay Christoph Waltz Yay

Is there anything better than watching an award show, eating chocolate, and drinking wine?


And I've got horchata and cold-brew coffee working in the fridge, and bread dough rising on the counter, so tomorrow's gonna be awesome, too.  Though no awards show tomorrow.  I'll have to eat bread and drink iced coffee while, like, reading about the Golden Globes.

I don't understand the show Girls?  Everything I've seen of it looks awkward and unfunny.  And I'm not here for the body shaming of Lena Dunham, but dear God she styles herself so unflatteringly.  Blech.

This awards season though, it's so bizarre.  Ben Affleck wins the GG for best director but isn't even nominated for an Oscar whaaaaat?  It makes no sense.  I do feel like Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis are pretty much set in stone at this point; if Lincoln gets BP/BD at the Oscars, then maybe Sally Field sneaks in.  But I don't really see a viable dark horse candidate in Actor, so DDL gets number three.  Actress is tricky; it's definitely between Lawrence and Chastain, and having the category division at the GG doesn't help clarify matters at all.  I'll be interested to see what happens at SAG.  And Supporting Actor is just completely up in the air; Waltz isn't nominated at SAG, so he won't be carrying any momentum forward.  Arkin's the only nominee from Argo, so it depends on what kind of support that movie has from the actors.  Tommy Lee Jones?  Again, depends on how much Lincoln pummels its way through, I think. 

Watch Philip Seymour Hoffman win, lol.

WOW ARGO WINS I was not expecting that.  I don't know why not, after Affleck won, but I wasn't.  Interesting, interesting.

I feel like there is going to be a lot more interest than usual in what the guilds end up doing; the Academy Award ballots were due before the guilds announced their nominations, which I think accounts for a lot of the weirdness this year.  So if Argo takes home PGA, for instance, that's a huge deal.  (OMG, if Affleck wins DGA, I don't even know.)  I think bottom line a lot of people appreciate that Lincoln's good, but I don't really see that many people all that passionate about it.  And Spielberg's not really winning all that much, honestly.  I kinda am thinking that DDL is going to end up the only major win for Lincoln; but again, my guess may change depending on the guilds.

Wow that was some unexpected talky meat, sorry.  I just really like awards you guys.
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