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Have done some graphics challenges recently for tvrealm - such fun!


Dana Scully was abducted by Duane Barry in September of 1994, and delivered according to plan to an experimental genetics laboratory, operated by a team composed of equal parts humans and Observers. At this stage of their interference with the past, the Observers took on the form of extraterrestrial life forms; for some reason, this guise was more palatable to the humans than their true forms.

Scully's ova were harvested. Some was set aside and placed in cold storage; some was used in experiments set up by the humans, in their attempts to create super soldiers, among other things; and some was kept by the Observers, starting to fashion a plan of their own.

There were other forces at work in the world other than their own, and the Observers did not like their hegemony being threatened. Most of the Observers believed that these other forces originated in different, parallel dimensions, only occasionally encroaching into present-day Earth. While the forces were irritating and even sometimes frightening, they were ulitmately harmless. But some Observers, devotees of Earth superstitions and cults, had come to believe the forces were of a different, supernatural origin. Gods and monsters, angels and demons.

They knew of the Hunters. Humans who battled these odd, unknown forces. Dean Winchester, though still a young man, was quite a formidable Hunter. It was laughably easy to set him up with what appeared to be an eager, nubile young woman. Winchester performed as expected. His genetic material was then harvested by the Observers, with the Hunter none the wiser.

From these two disparate sources, who never met and never would, the Observers fashioned a warrior of their own. She would bridge the gap between science and superstition, she would believe while always questioning, and she would be their puppet in what some feared was a great battle to come. They accelerated her growth. Memories were downloaded, the human brain not differing all the much from a computer hard drive. A tumultuous, traumatic childhood was deemed to serve as stronger fuel than a happy one; certain powers they had instilled in her had to be explained, so the story of a child experimented on by a mad scientist was created. The scientist wasn't mad, of course, but in downloaded false memories into Bishop's brain, the end result was the same – some brains are more plastic than others. An asset was hired to play the warrior's sister, to give her a stake in the world; when she was no longer necessary, the asset and her daughter were phased out.

Olivia Dunham was ready. The Fringe Division was established. Dunham was eased into her calling, her life's work. But the Observers, for all their craft and cunning, and released into the world a creature to whom they had given free will. And as it turned out, Olivia wasn't inclined to simply do their bidding...

{Jupiter, Best and Greatest, King of the Gods, God of Heaven and Thunder}

{Juno, Queen, Protector and Guardian of the State}

{Phoebus Apollo, Bright God of the Bow}

{Diana of the Hunt, Fierce and Untamed}

{Fertile Ceres, Goddess of the Harvest}

{Cruel Pluto, Father of Riches}

{Passionate Venus, Goddess of Love, Most Beautiful, Golden, and Fair}

{Intelligent and Capable Mercury, Messenger of the Gods}

{Pure Vesta, Goddess of Hearth and Home}

{Powerful and Strong Vulcan, God of the Smithy}

{Warlike Mars, Full of Power and Strength}

{Venerable Nerio, Consort of Mars, Personification of Valor}

{Enigmatic Janus, God of Beginnings, Endings, and Time}

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