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HOMG, what a couple of days.  Saturday I was at 20 pages and ended up cutting and pasting, revising, revamping quite a bit from some weird interstitial like 1.5 draft I had worked on in the fall, and ended the day with 70 pages, and was like, I can totally do this!  Sunday I was full of ennui and wrote like 2 pages.

Monday I wrote in the morning before work, then we had a write-in at writer's group, and I was up to 85 and feeling pretty good about it.

Tuesday I was too busy at work to get any writing done, ate dinner with my Gamps, and then went to my sister's last band concert.  I didn't get any done at all.  So I'm sitting on page 85, the deadline's the next day, and I know I'm going to be writing the bulk of it from scratch.  And knowing my outline, I knew I was going to be right at 120 pages.  There was no way I was going to be able to write 35 pages in one day, not with a full work day and all.

So I went to bed early Tuesday night, telling everyone, "It's no big deal, I'll get it done by June 1 for Austin Film Festival.  But it's not going to get done by tomorrow."

But when I woke up yesterday morning, I was just like "NO, FUCK IT, I AM DOING THIS BECAUSE I AM AWESOME," and I sat down at my kitchen table and just got cracking.  I was up to 95 by the time I left for work.  And then work was like the perfect storm of being able to write.  We weren't busy AT ALL.  I wasn't on the desk in the afternoon and just sat and wrote; then one of our computers was down, so the three of us on desk from 5-9pm had to rotate, so I had another hour off-desk, and I wrote.  Then on the desk it was quiet as houses.  By the time I left work, I was at 112.

Came home, actually did manage to steal a few scenes from earlier drafts - with extensive reworking, but still, every little bit helps - and finished up right at 11pm.  An hour to read back through for typos and inconsistencies - of which I caught several, including my favorite, "The quiet suburban neighborhood is quiet."  Made the PDF, sat down, went through the submission process, and was done by 12:15am.  And the deadline wasn't until 1:59am!  I had loads of extra time!  (And actually, although I was exhausted, I was also so keyed up that I couldn't fall asleep for another hour, heh.)

So it was pretty crazy, really, and my head still feels weird.  I have tomorrow off because I work this weekend, and let me tell you, I ain't doing SHIT.

Tonight I drink!
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