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Hello!  Yeah, so.  Um.  It's not like anything happened to me?  I just quit posting for a bit.  Here's the quickest recap ever:  I finished all my screenwriting (including an episode of Hannibal!) by June 1st, then promptly deflated for two weeks.  Job #2 had a slow-down, so it was pretty magical, to come home from Job #1 and just watch TV or go on walks or play video games.  It's been awhile.

And then?  Unfortunately there's no real reason why it was an additional month before I roused myself to post and return to LJ.  It was like, every day I'd say I would make a post and try to catch up on my flist, and then every day I just didn't get around to it.  And then it became this TASK, this ever-increasingly insurmountable TASK, and I just started putting it off.  Stupid, I know.

So yes.  I've missed everyone terribly.  If you start seeing a flood of comments from me, that's why.  If you don't see a flood of comments from me, that doesn't mean I'm not interested in what's happened to you in the last almost two months, just that commenting may end up being too much.  But if anything major has happened, let me know here!

What finally shook me out of my doldrums?  The Emmy nominations.  Sweet Christ.

I'm most upset about Hannibal, which was without a doubt the most technically flawless season of television I have ever watched ever.  EVER.  And it didn't get a single nomination.  I knew that acting noms for Hugh Dancy and especially Mads Mikkelsen were long-shots, but I am literally stunned that the show didn't pick up any technical noms.  Cinematography?  Art direction?  Editing?  Dear God, not even Sound Editing?  It's a travesty.  You will not have seen a more beautiful, stylized, thoughtful, richly detailed, impressive show last year, and that it wasn't recognized at all makes a mockery of the entire Emmy program.

Then I was disappointed in the lack of recognition for The Americans.  Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys deserved noms for lead actress and actor, and Noah Emmerich turned in a subtle, dense supporting performance.  Before I watched Hannibal, The Americans was by far my favorite drama of the year, and to see it snubbed, too, is disappointing.

But you can't talk about actors who deserved a nomination and were snubbed without talking about Tatiana Maslany.  Lead Actress in a Drama is a meaningless category this year.  Maslany's work on Orphan Black was so above and beyond anything else on TV, it's just mind-boggling to not see her name.  The fact that Michelle Dockery's name is there instead?  I'm sorry, I've seen drying paint emote more than Michelle Dockery.

(Don't even get me started on Emilia Clarke.)

And that's the thing with the Emmys.  They have become essentially meaningless because every year, all of these amazing shows get left out, and it becomes increasingly obvious that these are the picks of a bunch of old white people, who just go down the list and check off whatever they personally happened to watch.  This is no where more evident than in The Big Bang Theory continuing to get nominated for Best Comedy.  Hell, it's evident even in Downton Abbey still getting nominated, when it hasn't been anything other than a glorified soap opera for the last two seasons.

But I don't know why it's a surprise.  Mary McDonnell was never nominated.  Neither was Katee Sackhoff, or Anna Torv, or John Noble.  Or Nick Offerman, or Danny Pudi.  Or Jennifer Carpenter.  And that's just off the top of my head.  So every year I try to tell myself to just ignore these awards, but if I do that, I can't be happy with the few nominations that are great: Mandy Patinkin!  Tony Hale and Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Anna Chlumsky!  Um...that's all I can think of right now!  But I'm happy for them!

Ah well.
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