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23 July 2013 @ 11:25 am
Writerly thingies.  
For starters, I need to get people's dreamwidths!  Since it seems a lot of people have moved over there, and I'll need to start being more active there, too.  Throw 'em in the comments!

So I was going through and organizing my flash drive into folders, and I found the first page and a half of a John/Delenn story I started so long ago I don't even remember writing it!  I'm going to dust that off and try to finish it for B5 love month.  And I have like 70% of the next chapter of Metamorphoses done, and it's been at 70% for literal months, so my goal is to sit down and rewatch the relevant episode this weekend and finally frakking finish that.  (Feel free to yell at me for encouragement/shame.)  And I had a comment on Alma Mater over on FFN asking if I was ever going to finish that, so yeah.  Will try to get to that, too.

(It sucks, because I'm no longer allowed to write at work when I'm on the desk, which is where I had been getting so much writing done.  Sigh.)

And in other writings, I'm trying to restart working on both of my partially-completed novels, on which I've only written the most sporadic dribs and drabs for like more than six months now.  I really need to, like, schedule myself a dedicated writing time at least once a week.  Ostensibly I do already have one scheduled, as my local writer's group has been meeting every Friday evening for a couple months now to write, but we do a lot of chatting.  :(

I miss living close enough to Starbucks to just drive there in like three minutes, and I miss my Starbucks rewards that made it financially feasible to actually purchase Starbucks.  The only place that's really close enough to my new house to go to is a Wendy's, and like...yeah.  Wendy's, man.  You're probably all saying, just write at home!  Hahaha.  Oh, ahahahahahaha!  Seriously, that's hilarious.
lytab5: B5 | One of those dayslytab5 on July 26th, 2013 07:45 am (UTC)
Seems like I'm the only person who is not on dreamwidth and also has no real ambition to move there (since I barely keep up here, tbh).

Your writing things all sound very exciting! Good luck and may procrastination stay clear of you! :-)
Forever alway YAY for new John/Delenn though. ♥
Shannon: b5 logicallykungfuwaynewho on July 26th, 2013 06:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I have one because I got an invite code once and wanted to have it just in case, but I've never used my DW at all. But a few people on my flist have made it so you can't comment on their LJ cross-posted entries anymore and can only comment on DW, so I want to at least have everyone's URLs. But yeah, I'm happy enough here for the time being, though I'm not sure I'm going to keep paying for it.

Ugh, procrastination. Let us not speak of it.