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02 February 2014 @ 03:09 pm
Angry at world right now.  
Absolutely gutted over the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death.  He was an astoundingly talented actor, and we lost him far, far too soon.

Fucking drugs.

That coupled with some of the reaction I've seen to Dylan Farrow's open letter, and seeing some actors I previously respected blow her off, has made me want to firebomb the internet.  I'd post a whole long rant, but I just don't have the energy right now.
Martinela_loony on February 5th, 2014 09:32 am (UTC)
Exactly. Since I know about all this I actually don't see his films in the theater anymore (well the only one I saw was Carnage anyway and I didn't know it was a Polanski film till afterwards).