Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Letter Meme

ghanimasun gave me the letter B.  Comment if you'd like a letter!

Something I hate: Band-aids.  I hate trying to put them on, I hate taking them off, they always get water-logged and gross because they're almost always on my hands (I injure my fingers a lot), and even if it's my own Band-aid, the minute I take it off it's the most disgusting thing in the world.
Something I love: Ben Folds Five - "Narcolepsy"
Somewhere I've been: Branson, MO!  I've gone there on summer vacation well over half of the summers of my life.  I don't care if people make fun of it, I enjoy it - there's hiking, wineries, good food, and Silver Dollar City is such a nostalgic thing for me, I just enjoy walking around it once a year.
Somewhere I'd like to go: I'll pick Belgium.  I wouldn't say it's way up on my list of dream travel destinations, but it starts with a B, and why not.
Someone I know: One of the custodians at my work is named Bobby, and he's perhaps the nicest person that works here.  A+ guy.
A film I like: Benny and Joon
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