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01 April 2016 @ 11:03 am
February and March New Media  
Television Episodes
20. The X-Files – 1x03 - “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster.” 2-1.
21. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x14 - “Karen Peralta.” 2-2.
22. The Man in the High Castle – 1x02 - “Sunrise.” 2-5.
23. The Man in the High Castle – 1x03 - “The Illustrated Woman.” 2-5.
24. The Man in the High Castle – 1x04 - “Revelations.” 2-5.
25. The Man in the High Castle – 1x05 - “The New Normal.” 2-6.
26. The X-Files – 10x04 - “Home Again.” 2-7.
27. The Man in the High Castle – 1x06 - “Three Monkeys.” 2-9.
28. The Man in the High Castle – 1x07 - “Truth.” 2-10.
29. The Man in the High Castle – 1x08 - “End of the World.” 2-12.
30. The Man in the High Castle – 1x09 - “Kindness.” 2-12.
31. The Man in the High Castle – 1x10 - “A Way Out.” 2-13.
32. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x04 - “Dee Makes a Smut Film.” 2-15.
33. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x06- “Being Frank.” 2-15.
34. The Walking Dead – 6x09 - “No Way Out.” 2-16.
35. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x05 - “Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs.” 2-20.
36. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x07 - “McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century.” 2-20.
37. The Walking Dead – 6x10 - “The Next World.” 2-21.
38. The X-Files – 10x05 - “Babylon.” 2-26.
39. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x08 - “Charlie Catches a Leprechaun.” 2-26.

40. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x09 – “The Gang Goes to Hell.”  3-3.
41. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x15 – “The 9-8.”  3-4.
42. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x16 – “House Mouses.” 3-5.
43. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x17 – “Adrian Pimento.”  3-5.
44. The Walking Dead – 6x11 – “Knots Untie.”  3-6.
45. Better Call Saul – 2x01 – “Switch.”  3-6.
46. The Walking Dead – 6x12 – “Not Tomorrow Yet.”  3-6.
47. The Last Man on Earth – 2x11 – “Pitch Black.”  3-7
48. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x18 – “Cheddar.”  3-8.
49. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia – 11x10 – “The Gang Goes to Hell: Part 2.”  3-10.
50. The Walking Dead – 6x13 – “The Same Boat.” 3-13.
51. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x19 – “Terry Kitties.”  3-15.
52. The Last Man on Earth – 2x12 – “Valhalla.”  3-16.
53. The Americans – 4x01 - “The Glanders.” 3-17.
54. The Walking Dead – 6x14 – “Twice as Far.”  3-20.
55. The Americans – 4x02 – “Pastor Tim.” 3-25.
56. Al Capone: Icon (PBS).  3-29.
57. Documentary Now! – 1x01 – “Sandy Passage.”  3-29.
58. The Americans – 4x03 – “Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow.”  3-30.
59. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 3x20 – “Paranoia.”  3-31.
60. Documentary Now! – 1x03 – “DRONEZ: The Hunt for El Chingon.”  3-31.

2. Deadpool (2016). 2-26.

3. Stanley and Iris (1990).  3-8.
4. Bridge of Spies (2015).  3-27.
5. The Great Escape (1963). 3-27.

5. Black Trillium, Andre Norton, Julian May, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. 2-29.

6. Blood Brothers, Brian Lumley.  3-10.
7. Crowned: The Story of the Relentless Kansas City Royals and Their Brilliant Run to a World Championship, Kent Richards.  3-26.
8. The Map of Time, Félix J. Palma.  3-31.
Martine: B99/Amy detective/geniusla_loony on April 1st, 2016 04:13 pm (UTC)
Yaye for all the B99!
I hope I'll get through Breaking Bad eventually so I can watch Better call Saul, since I only heard good things about it.

How was Bridge of Spies? Did I miss something, should I watch it?
Shannonkungfuwaynewho on April 1st, 2016 09:24 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't say that you had to watch Breaking Bad to watch Better Call Saul, as BCS is a prequel, but I'm a completist who tends to watch everything in order, so I get it.

Bridge of Spies was good! If you like Cold War stuff, spy stuff, and/or Tom Hanks stuff, I'd check it out. Nothing, like, super-amazing, but a well-done, competent movie.

B99 reminds me so much of Parks and Rec, in that even if it's not the funniest episode in the world, I still enjoy it because I like all the characters, the characters all like each other, and it's just such a nice thing on TV these days.
Martine: B99/Amy detective/geniusla_loony on April 2nd, 2016 10:19 am (UTC)
Yeah sometimes I can beat the completist in me, but not with this one. I admit I'm mostly watching Breaking Bad cause I feel like if I study media and specifically film/tv and the likes I should've seen it. People were so over the finale that I wanna know what it's all about. I'm still at season 2 because I got busy with uni, but I hope I can get through it till summer. Good thing that the seasons are so short.

I tend to like spy stuff, Tom Hanks is not the draw he used to be for me but I don't mind him^^ But sounds like something I can check out if it hits Netflix and I have some time on my hand.

I feel the same. I think I even like B99 a bit more then Parks&Rec.
cath822cath822 on April 3rd, 2016 04:14 am (UTC)
OMG, Paranoia was one of my favorite episodes of any show, ever. It was just such a great example of people being good to each other in a really funny, character-appropriate way.

Did you like Bridge of Spies? I love THanks but wasn't particularly inspired to go see it.
cath822cath822 on April 4th, 2016 12:00 am (UTC)
Ah, never mind, you answered the Bridge of Spies thing.

I've been plowing through Bob's Burgers; I'm about halfway through season three, and they just put season five up. It's interesting, because it has a lot of the same humor (and writers) as King of the Hill, which I never liked all that much, but it cracks me up.
Shannon: mst3k robot overlordskungfuwaynewho on April 4th, 2016 06:12 pm (UTC)
That's definitely one of the things I love about B99, is that when there's tension between characters, it's earned and believable, and usually gets resolved. Terry's upset with Adrian, but it's for the very real reason that he's worried about Rosa. It makes sense. I think there's such a trope of sitcom "drama" where people just bicker all the time for jokes, so I appreciate having something that tries to do it differently.

Which is part of the same reason I like Bob's Burgers! They feel like such an authentic family to me, and it's almost always about them working together and supporting each other, rather than their relationships being the source of the conflict.