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December New Media

185. The Last Man on Earth - 3x02 - “The Wild Guess Express.”  12-3.
186. The Walking Dead - 7x06 - “Swear.”  12-4.
187. The Walking Dead - 7x07 - “Sing Me a Song.”  12-4.
188. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x09 - “The Overmining.”  12-5.
189. The Walking Dead - 7x08 - “Hearts Still Beating.”  12-11.
190. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x10 - “Captain Latvia.”  12-13.

26. Santa Conquers the Martians (1964).  12-1.
27. Arrival (2016).  12-11.
28. Captain Fantastic (2016).  12-17.
29. Rogue One (2016).  12-30.

23. The Map of Chaos, Félix J. Palma.  12-31.

D. Endymion, Dan Simmons.  12-24.

A pretty dismal year, all told.  I was like, I'll keep track of books I've read that I've read before, that'll bump up my numbers a lot!  Turns out there were only four this whole year, so not so much.  I think this upcoming year is going to be better in that regard - I'm almost done with my first book of the year, and I've got a whole list of true crime I want to read - I tear through those relatively quickly (for me, anyway).

Trying to decide if I want to start keeping track of podcasts in 2017, too...
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