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I've Got a Theory...It Could Be Bunnies!

Had a blergh day.  Woke up blergh for no discernible reason.  Nothing specific (at least this morning); just feeling, as Kurt Hummel would say, full of ennui.  Worked.  Went to write and some douche in a beret and drinking espresso was sitting at My Table.  Came home to a letter from Austin Film Festival telling me Flesh and Blood didn't make it to the semifinals.  (No letter for Fall River, though; wouldn't they have mailed at the same time?) 

In short, blergh.

I needed to find a way to make myself happy again!

Here's the thing with this episode: it's perfect.  And, you know, a lot of shows have done musical episodes or high concept episodes or Very Special Episodes, but few have worked as seamlessly as Buffy the Vampire Slayer's musical episode.  There was no laborious conceit to make it all work; obviously, at some point in Sunnydale's history, a demon would appear that would make everyone sing and dance.  It made perfect sense.

Besides that, the songs are fantastic.  The problem with a lot of other shows' musical episodes is that the original songs suck - which is why everyone has gone the Glee route and just used pre-existing songs.  But this show's songs are awesome and wonderful.  I may or may not sometimes sing along when I watch.  For those of you who haven't seen it, or for those of you who, like me, never pass up an opportunity to listen to the soundtrack, here's my favorite song:

This is also by far the prettiest episode of the show. 


Another thing that made my day kind of blergh is that I spent, no lie, two frakking hours trying to finally learn how to make gifs.  I prevailed!  And so now I can bring you The Hottest Moment In Television History:

One of the things, for me, about watching this episode is that it's not just about watching the episode.  It makes me remember going to the official soundtrack release party at Tower Records on Sunset - I got my CD signed by Amber Benson, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Joss Whedon himself.  You know how when Moses comes down from talking to God, and his face is like blinding bright?  That's what my face was like walking out of the store.  I actually spoke to Joss Whedon.  I asked him questions and he answered me.  I think I probably looked like this for the next week.

Also, I miss two things about living in Austin.  One is going to school (because I miss being in school).  The other is the Drafthouse.  Besides its general awesomeness, the Drafthouse also did special shows, one of which was the Buffy Musical Sing-Along.  There is nothing like sitting in a theater with a couple hundred other Buffy fans, singing along with all the songs, screaming obscenities every time Dawn has a line of dialogue, waving your lighters, having a Buffy-themed alcoholic drink.  I miss the Drafthouse the way some people miss actual human friends of theirs.

In conclusion: I am now happy again. ♥ 
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