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Reaper's Ridge

For scifiland's Create a New SciFi Show challenge, I give you the TV pilot I've actually been working on (and since I'm not starting from scratch, I was asked to do a few extra characters, which is why there are eight instead of five).

A small, sleepy town tucked away in the woods.  The kind of place where everyone knows everyone, children leave determined to make their lives anywhere else but always come back, and no matter who you are and what you've done, there will always be someone to take care of you, before the end.  In a lot of ways, it's the quintessential American town - white picket fences, lazy dirt roads, star-spangled bunting on the town common.

Reaper's Ridge has a secret, though - founded three hundred years ago by a coven of witches on a mystical convergence of ley lines, this is also a place of magic.  Students study for tests by highlighting their textbooks and drinking a memory draft; cell phones don't work, so communication relies on mystical links between ordinary objects - think tin cans connected by magical string.  Most everyone knows the simple incantations and tricks, but every generation a few are born with real power.  They are the spell-casters, the witches.  The Guardians.

Because there are a lot of things drawn to the amount of power that exists in Reaper's Ridge.  Things that go bump in the night.

Jane Callahan (16)

When she was an infant, her mother moved out of Reaper's Ridge for good.  They never stayed in one place for long, and Jane ended up becoming a very guarded, bitter person.  She doesn't trust anyone, and won't let anyone in.  A devout Catholic, Jane is consumed with guilt after her mother dies in a fire, a fire she's afraid she somehow started.  Now she moves back to Reaper's Ridge to live with her only living relative, her mother's identical twin sister Miranda.

Max McCoy (16)

In any other school, he'd be the most popular and the most desired; the class president; the captain of the football team.  But since Max is an exceptionally powerful witch, his classmates don't entirely trust him, and he's an unhappy outsider.  Raised with the knowledge of his responsibility to the town, Max can't help but overreact when new student Jane shows up - she's an enigma, and that makes her a threat.

Holly Miller (17)

Bright, vivacious, and kind to everyone - even the local succubus.  She's the bridge between the Reaper's Ridge High witches and the rest of the student body.  She's not as powerful as Max, but she has a natural talent for spell-casting that the rest of them rely on.  She immediately takes Jane under her wing, and is determined that Jane will find a new home and a new family here with them, even if she has to tie her down and cast a spell to make it happen.

Joshua "Eris" Miller Jr. (15)

Holly's younger brother, dues-paying member of the Goth Union.  He's an actual practicing pagan, whereas the others call on whichever gods a particular spell requires and leave it at that; he goes by Eris, and yes, he knows that Eris is a goddess and therefore it's a girl's name.  He's really into Discord, okay?  Kind of a wuss, he's the witch most likely to screw up a spell or run away screaming into the night.

Thaddeus Van Gogh (17)

The most handsome boy in school, in the whole town of Reaper's Ridge, perhaps the entire world.  Soft-spoken and a gentleman, one can't help but wonder if he has any flaws at all.  The witch with the least power, he's thought quite a bit about giving the whole Guardian thing up - it would be so much easier to just be a regular guy.  Playing football, watching TV, parties on the weekend.  Instead he's stealing dirt from cemeteries and invoking Charon.  That quiet exterior hides a deeply conflicted soul.

Miranda Callahan (35)

Jane's aunt, and the identical twin of Jane's mother Elizabeth, Miranda owns and operates the Reaper's Inn, a bed and breakfast with all the usual charms - beautiful furnishings, home-cooked meals, and a wicked bloodstain at the foot of the stairs.  The inn has a real ghost - a crochety kind of guy who refuses to come out and play for the guests - and the ghost that Miranda and her housekeeper Sylvia create themselves, with some big heavy boots and well-timed clomping through the attic.  Miranda is a cold fish, but seems to want to make a real relationship with her niece.

Sylvia (60)

The housekeeper at Reaper's Inn, she's more than Miranda's best friend - she was a mother figure to her growing up, since Miranda's own mother had been driven mad by her powers.  While everyone else loved Elizabeth, who, being born first, inherited her mother's magical ability, Sylvia was drawn to Miranda, and has worked tirelessly her whole life to try and give to Miranda what she thinks should have been her birthright - magical powers for her very own.  And Sylvia's willing to stop at nothing to make sure it happens.

Joshua Miller (38)

Holly and Eris's dad, and the owner of Miller's Pub, the town's most popular watering hole.  Caustic, unfriendly, and deeply protective of his children (much to their annoyance and chagrin), Joshua is far from the town's most popular person.  Really, if he didn't sell a lot of beer and make the best burgers in town, he probably would have ended up a hermit.  His wife died when Eris was only a baby, in a mysterious fire that destroyed the town's only church.  Joshua has kept a secret for the last sixteen years - he's one of only two people who know what really happened in that church, and he's been carefully watching the other person - the one who killed his wife - ready to take his revenge.

Since this is a pilot I'm actively working on, any feedback or concrit is hugely appreciated.  And if anyone's a masochist really into what you've seen here or just like reading TV scripts, let me know and I'll send the actual pilot your way.  Then I would literally be in your debt - requests for fic, icons, wallpapers, headers, or anything else would be my repayment for your time.  :D
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