Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Alma Mater - Chapter 3

Title: Choices
Specs: Babylon 5, John/Delenn, 6300 words, AU
Rating: PG-13 for language and the fact that John Sheridan is a teenage boy.

"You have to use your right hand," Delenn whispered, and it took John a second to figure out what the hell she was talking about.  She lifted her own tiny little fork with her right hand, then gestured to his.

"Why?" he whispered back.  He'd come upstairs expecting a good solid meal, sitting around a regular table like regular people; instead they were all on the floor, a single platter of some weird cube thing in front of them, and now he had to try to use a tiny little fork with his right hand?

"It's just tradition, John," Judith said, her own wobbly cube dangling from her own tiny little fork.  Her eyes narrowed his way.  Maybe it was because he'd been responsible for Delenn being late, maybe it was because he'd shown up with a black eye and split lip, maybe it was because Delenn had acted like she wanted to run home to Minbar when they'd been standing in the kitchen - whatever the reason, Judith didn't like him.  That was something he'd have to fix in a hurry.  He switched the tiny little fork over to his right hand, beamed out at the entire table, speared a beige cube and shoved it in his mouth.

"No!" all three women around the table cried at once.  John froze, and independently his teeth came together.  Whatever the cube was, it squeaked.  He turned to look at Delenn, and she actually had a hand up over her mouth.  Christ, what had he done?

"You're supposed to set aside a portion for Valen first," Livia explained.  Livia, Delenn's other host mom; John liked her a lot more than Judith, that was for sure.  For one thing, she didn't talk to him like he was a third grader.  The cube was melting on his tongue, and it tasted, it sure tasted like something.  She must have seen his intentions telegraphed on his face, because Judith gritted out: "Swallow what you have in your mouth."  He obediently did so.  "Set aside a piece for Valen," she ordered, gesturing.  Ah, that was what the empty plate was for.  He snagged another cube, dropped it once on the tablecloth, then put it on Valen's plate.

He glanced Delenn's way, and she was smiling up at him.  That was why he was doing all this - to see more smiles like that.  She scraped off a piece of one of the cubes, gave it to invisible Valen herself, then took a bite of one of the cubes.  A perfectly delicate little bite, and he decided he would just watch her eat for awhile.

"John?"  He whipped his head around.  Livia and Judith were both smiling at him - Livia with affection, Judith as though she had a mean joke on the tip of her tongue.  Had he just been staring at Delenn's mouth?  Probably.  He ate another cube, squishing it violently between his molars. 

"This flarg is pretty good," he said, very proud of himself, remembering to swallow before he spoke and all.  Delenn let out what he now knew was a tiny little laugh, just a puff of air through her nose; she did that when she was trying to keep her laugh bottled up.  How did he already know that about her?

"It's flarn."  Livia, grinning at him. 

"Right, flarn.  So do you guys usually sit on the floor when you eat?"

"Only for special meals," Delenn said.  "This is your first time eating with us as a guest."  Did that mean she would want him to eat here again sometime?  Sounded promising.  He was still coming to terms with the knowledge that maybe he hadn't fucked everything up.  "Traditionally, on Minbar, this meal would have been prepared over several days, with prayer and meditation, specific rituals in the preparation of the food being observed.  But as we have already done in so many things, we have compromised."  She smiled at her host moms then, and John wanted to just tackle her to the floor and cover her in kisses.  Goddamn, but he felt like a girl.

They ate in silence for a couple minutes, and John was pretty sure that flarn was nothing more than squeaky beige air.  He hadn't eaten since lunch, it was nearly nine, and he was absolutely starving. 

"So after we eat the fancy guest flarn, what do we eat next?"  He very much did not like Judith's smile his way at that.


John wasn't sure where he was driving.  Part of him really, really wanted the big greasy chili cheese dogs at Hoover's on Main, but he didn't think Delenn would want to eat there.  Besides, he had plenty of money.  Judith had given him ten credits, and then as they were leaving, Livia had given him a good solid handshake, and pressed fifty more credits into his palm with a wink.  Maybe that meant she wanted him to take Delenn someplace fancy.

He glanced her way.  She was sitting all prim and proper, her hands clasped in her lap, but her head was tilted to the side, watching the stars as they drove.  Something about the angle of her jaw made him feel kind of funny, and what he really wanted to do was turn down one of these one-lane back roads he kept passing, find a dark, secluded place to pull over, and take her into the backseat.

Nope, now was not the time to think about that.  He'd think about that later tonight.  And probably in the shower tomorrow morning, too.

"What kind of food do you like?" he asked her, and that reminded him that he was going to starve to death pretty soon.

"I've not eaten much Human food.  What I have eaten has been rather bland.  Minbari foods are much more...I am not sure of the English word."


"That sounds right."

That decided it.  He made a U-turn at the next light and stepped on the gas a little; he wasn't too worried about missing his curfew - the worst his mom would do was yell at him a little - but he was worried about getting Delenn home too late and having to face Judith.  Before too long he squealed into the parking lot of the Indian restaurant, and was pleased when Delenn waited patiently for him to open her door.  His hip still burned from where he'd scraped the shit out of it against the front bumper when he'd run around the car to get to her door before she did at the arcade.  He took her by the hand, and watched her face as they entered and she took in the lights, the decorations, the hostess wearing a beautiful - and pretty revealing - sari. 

The hostess smiled at John's quickly raised eyebrows and sat them in a little booth in a dark corner.  Delenn studied the menu like she thought there was going to be a test.

"Anything catch your eye?"

"I do not know most of these words."

"You want me to order for you?"  She nodded, and he picked out a couple different things when the waiter came over.  For the first time ever in a restaurant, he wasn't counting down the seconds till his food came out - it was nice to just sit and talk to Delenn without any distractions.

"What was your life like on Minbar?"

"Quite different from my life here so far, that is certain.  Our instructional centers, our schools, are much more disciplined.  Students are expected to behave with respect toward their instructors and each other."

"Yeah, that's not like our school at all," he laughed.  "What about your parents?  What do they do?"

"My father is an archivist.  He primarily works in the temple we attend, but his services are often requested by other temples in the city.  He is particularly skilled at restoring scrolls.  Not long after I was born, my mother joined the Sisters of Valeria.  I have seen her only two times since."

"That sucks."

"No.  It is a great honor."  But her face didn't look like she thought it was a great honor.  Her face looked like she was someone who missed her mom a whole lot.  It was too bad there wasn't a job called Make People Sad, or he'd be hired right out of school.

"You know, my dad's actually a diplomat.  You should talk to him sometime.  He has a ton of great stories."  Her face lit up at that.  "This one time, he was meeting with some lackey in the court of the Centauri Emperor, trying to iron out some trade agreement, and the guy was being a total douche about it.  Just debating every single tiny point, and constantly leaving the room and making Dad just sit and wait, that kind of thing.  The last time he left, Dad gathered up all his papers and walked back to the spaceport.  The lackey came running after him, begging him to stay.  My dad told him that there was one thing he could do to make up for his offense, and described an ancient Human apology ritual that he could perform.  So there he was, this minor Centauri official, right in the middle of the spaceport, tons of aliens all around, doing the Hokey Pokey."

Delenn was laughing, no trying to hold it in this time.  "Am I to believe there is no such thing as the ancient Human apology ritual called the Hokey Pokey?"

"Well, the Hokey Pokey definitely exists.  Look it up."  She pulled out her lectern and even though she had the volume turned way down, John could hear the faint sound of the song.  She didn't watch for long before she set her lectern down and buried her face in her hands, her shoulders shaking.  John was laughing, too, his favorite kind of laughing - just watching someone else laugh and being unable to keep from joining in.

Then their food came.  Delenn seemed to enjoy it - her bites weren't quite as tiny and perfect, at any rate.  Halfway through the meal she apparently remembered the Hokey Pokey again, and actually got out of the booth so she could face away from him and laugh.  He ended up laughing so hard watching her that he got some tikka masala up his nose.

Definitely the best date ever.

He drove her home taking the longest route he could think of, actually going the speed limit for a change.  But they still ended up in front of her house a lot sooner than he wanted.  He shut off the engine and turned in his seat to look at her, reaching out to run a finger along the edge of her bone crest.  "Did you have a good night?" he asked, and he wanted to slide over and kiss her so bad he could hardly see straight.  She nodded, her eyes big and her face serious.

John Sheridan, you said you weren't going to try and get into her pants.  Not that she's wearing pants.  It certainly would be a lot easier without her wearing any pants...John Sheridan!  You said you wanted to be her friend.  So be a gentleman and walk her to the door, his brain snapped at him.

Good advice, brain, he replied, and unbuckled his seat belt and climbed out.  Did he hear her sigh as he was slamming his door shut?  Probably not.  He helped her out, and they walked up the path to the front porch.  She didn't let go of his hand and made no move to open the door; she just stood there, looking at him.

"So how was your first day of school?" he asked, expecting a smile.  Instead she kept looking up at him with those big solemn eyes.  Was she going to break up with him?  Could you even break up with someone after one date?  But she just brought her fingertips up to his cheek, gently drawing them over until one rested against his lips.

"You said you would not ask to kiss me goodnight, so that I did not have the wrong impression of your intentions toward me," she said, voice low.  "So instead, I will ask if I may kiss you goodnight."  It took a couple seconds for him to make sense of what she'd just said, and then he could only nod like a big, dumb cow.  She tilted her face up to his, up on her tiptoes, and he leaned down, bringing one hand up to the back of her head.  He stopped just shy of her lips, and let her finish closing the distance.

John was pretty sure it was her first kiss - she just pressed her lips against his and held them there.  He waited a second, then slipped his other arm around her waist, drawing her close.  He took control of the kiss, though he had no desire to make it anything other than this, nice and slow and sweet.  No need to go crazy - he ended it, then just kept holding her close, his forehead against hers.  He realized now that she had one hand up in his hair, the other clutching the front of his shirt.

"I imagined many things happening today," she whispered against his lips, her voice a little shaky, "but I never imagined anything like this."  He smiled, then gently kissed her one more time.  Pulled his head up to just look at her. 

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said.  She nodded, and he supposed he was going to have to be the one to let go.  He reluctantly stepped back, then even more reluctantly walked back to his car.  As he came around to the driver's side he looked back up at the house, and she was still standing there, watching him.  He thought for a half-second about running back up through the yard, grabbing her, and just really laying one on her like they were in a vid or something.  Instead he smiled at her, climbed in his car, and drove home.


John pulled around to the gravel at the side of the house and parked, turned off the engine.  Just sat behind the wheel, thinking.  He was trying to figure out just when during the day he'd gone from thinking Delenn was pretty great and fun to hang out with to wanting her to be his girlfriend.  He'd decided after Jeanne that he wasn't going to have another girlfriend while he was in high school - it was too much trouble, too complicated, he'd have to break up with her after he graduated and entered the Academy, and it was just easier to make out with whatever girl was available when he felt like making out.  Here he was, though, spending the whole drive home thinking about other things he could do with Delenn, different dates he could take her on.

He leaned his head back, replayed their kiss in his head.  She had smelled so good, and felt so nice against him.  He'd been a very good boy and kept his tongue in his own mouth the whole time, and the kiss couldn't have been more than a minute long, yet it was the hottest kiss he could remember.  It would still be another few minutes before he'd be safe to go inside; his luck, he'd run into someone before he could sneak up to his bedroom.  He'd been pretty good so far at hiding the evidence that he was a teenage boy from his mom; he didn't want to blow it tonight.

That meant he'd have to stop thinking about kissing her, though; it was just making things worse.  John wondered if he had decided he wanted Delenn to be his girlfriend at the same time he'd stopped noticing that she was Minbari.  When had that happened?  When they'd been in the Starfury, he thought.  She'd been pressed up against him, so lovely and soft.  And then he'd hugged her, laughing, and her robes weren't as thick as he'd thought; he'd been able to feel her breasts pressing against his chest. 

Goddamn it!  He shook himself.  Now he really had a problem on his hands, and he did not feel like wanking in his car.  He got out, careful not to slam his door, and ran a couple laps around the yard.  It was quarter past eleven when he finally slipped in the side door, and he tiptoed through the kitchen to the back stairs.  Just before he reached them, he heard his parents in his dad's study down the hall.  Their voices were low, but his dad was using his Diplomat Voice, and his mom was pissed.  Really pissed.

"When he called me, I reminded him about his curfew.  I am tired of having the same conversation with him over and over again."

"You know," his dad said, and John crept down the hall a little.  "I seem to recall a few times you missed your curfew.  I believe you were out with me."

"That's not the point, David.  I'm also not sure why you always automatically believe him.  We've caught him in more than a few lies."

"I called over - he took the girl out for something to eat.  And, you know, I've met with Livia Burke a couple times.  I have no doubt she'll keep an eye on him."  John hadn't even thought of that; it made sense that Dad would have had some contact with the Minbari Immigration Agency.

Then his mom's voice got even lower.  "And that doesn't bother you?  John taking a Minbari girl out on a date?"


"I have no problem with a few Minbari coming to live here, and I'm glad that we've developed better relations with Minbar.  For your sake, if nothing else.  That doesn't mean I want John dating one of them."

"And here I was, proud of him for being so welcoming and friendly.  Probably made her first day a lot less scary."

John stole back to the side door, then opened and closed it with a bit more force than necessary.  He clomped loudly to the back stairs, and his parents came out into the hallway to meet him.

"Do you know what time it is?" his mom demanded.  Then she got a good look at him.  "John, what happened to your face?  Did you get in a fight?"  There wasn't a whole lot of concern in her voice, and it was the last straw.

"Yeah, I did.  We were out and some guy called Delenn "bony" and I punched him in the face.  And yeah, I know, don't start a fight.  I'm not going to stand around when some jackass calls my girlfriend a racist name."  His mom gasped, but he just kept going, good and sarcastic.  "Then I took her to get some Indian food.  Her host moms just made flarn for dinner.  It doesn't really fill you up."  His dad's face got kind of funny at that, like he was surprised or something.  He'd probably had to eat flarn before, too.

His mom opened and closed her mouth a few times.  "Did we or did we not discuss your curfew on the phone?" she asked, deciding to stick with a familiar arena of battle.

"Yeah, Mom.  I'm a fuck-up.  What else is new?"  He turned and started stomping up the stairs.

"John Sheridan, watch your language."  He ignored her and kept stomping.  Up at the top, around the corner, and there was Lizzie sitting on the floor.  She must have been listening.

"Did I miss anything good?"  He stomped extra loud down the hall to his bedroom, and Lizzie followed silently behind.  He opened the door for her, then slammed it shut.  John flung himself down on his bed, and Lizzie perched on the edge of it next to him.  "How long has she been going?"

"Since ten-thirty.  First she was just talking to herself.  It's a school night, you know when your curfew is, on and on.  Dad finally got into it about fifteen minutes ago."  He sighed, and he wished he knew what his mom's problem was.  She acted like everything he did wrong was the end of the world or something.  So he was a few minutes late?  Big deal.  Lizzie leaned close.  "Is it true?  Are you dating a Minbari?"  He nodded.  "Is she pretty?"  He grinned at her, and was going to elaborate when their mom hollered from across the hall.

"Elizabeth!  Get into bed right this minute!"  Lizzie sighed and went to the door.  She turned back to him.  "You promised me you'd help me with my essay."

"When's it due?"


"Tomorrow, I promise."  She smiled and slipped out the door.  John stayed where he was for a few minutes, then got up and locked the door.  He dug the lotion out of his bottom drawer and stripped out of his clothes, got himself situated.  Then, for the first time in a long time, he didn't think about the adult vids he watched over at McCarty's, or even just random depersonalized body parts.  He thought about Delenn, the way she'd felt in his arms, her pretty smile, and that perfect kiss.


God, it was early.  It had been almost two before he'd gotten around to trying to fall asleep, and then his thoughts had just spun round and round in an endless loop.  He'd think about Delenn for awhile, and then he'd end up thinking about what his mom had said.  That doesn't mean I want John dating one of them.  If anyone had asked him before last night, he would have said beyond a shadow of a doubt that his mom was as accepting and unprejudiced a person as could be.  Anytime she accompanied his dad to some alien planet, she always came back with enthusiastic stories and souvenirs.  She'd had a Markab pen pal for almost twenty-five years, for crying out loud. 

His alarm had gone off after he'd been asleep no more than an hour, and it had been hell trying to get dressed and out the door; not even a brisk cold shower did much good.  Now he was pushing his way down the hall, trying to get to his locker.  All he could see were girls, all shrieking with glee about something, and he was pretty sure their cries were going to end up making his head explode.

"Sheridan!"  Oh, no.  John turned slowly around, feeling like a man about ready to face the firing squad.  Coach Kaminski stood hands on hips in the middle of the hallway, waiting.  With shuffling footsteps, he walked up to her.  She grabbed his chin and twisted his face back and forth, looking him over.  Finally: "You look like shit."

"I feel like shit, Coach."

"McCarty tells me you barfed yesterday?"

"Yeah.  I think I've got a bug or something."

"The black eye?  The lip?"

"I was running to the toilet and ran right into the door."

"Well, I do not feel like stopping practice so I can haul your ass to the emergency room.  Go home after school, get some sleep, and drink clear fluids.  No invincible man bullshit, you hear me, Sheridan?"

"Yes, Coach."

"Should you be at school today?  I'll talk to Sumalong, no problem."

"I've got a trig test, Coach."  She nodded, one movement of her head up and down, and spun around and marched the other way.  John let out a slow breath; that was close.  Hopefully no one would contradict his story.  George would be able to, but the pissant didn't play any sports and scurried away like a cockroach anytime Coach K showed up, so it wasn't likely he'd have to worry.  John did have a trig test, but he didn't give a shit about that; he'd come to school today to see his girl.

She wasn't in front of her locker, though.  He lingered around for a few minutes, but then the warning bell rang, so he ran up to get his crap out of his locker and slipped into history class with seconds to spare.  A brief glance around the room to see what desks were free.  George was missing; that was interesting.  McCarty pulled his books off an empty desk next to him and stood.  "Johnny, my friend, I've missed you!" he sang, arms out wide.  John was too tired to think of a word that rhymed with you, so he just nodded weakly.

There was Delenn, in a desk against the opposite wall, smiling at him.  John headed over to the runty Chess Club geek in the desk next to hers.  "Move."  Chess Geek got up immediately, and John flopped down in the vacated desk.  Harrison was still writing questions up on the chalkboard.  "Hey," he said, looking her way.

"Hello."  Her voice was low, and her smile was shy.  Would he be able to get away with a little PDA?  He snuck a quick look over at the rest of the room.  Everyone was staring their way with a mixture of confusion and hard-edged amusement.  Lindsay in particular had a weird look on her face, her eyes narrow.  No quick kiss, then.  That was okay; plenty of time for kisses later.

He didn't have a clue what they covered in class that day; he just kept writing notes to Delenn, passing the same sheet of paper back and forth.  At first she seemed reluctant to join in, trying to pay close attention to Harrison's lecture, but before long he had her ignoring the teacher with the rest of them.

So I didn't sleep at all last night.  I just kept thinking about you.

I also had difficulty sleeping.

I have to help my sister with her essay after school.  You want to come back home with me?

Yes.  I would like to meet your family.

I would like to kiss you forever.

She put a hand over her mouth at that, a pink flush covering her cheeks.  It was a long time before she could figure out what to write back.

I find that to be an agreeable proposition.


 "I can't believe you blew me off so you could sit next to the Minbari girl," McCarty whined while they waited in line in the cafeteria.  "Who am I supposed to talk to during class?"

"Her name is Delenn." 

McCarty slung an arm around John's shoulder, leaned in close.  "I heard a rumor that you're trying to sleep with her." 

John shook him off.  "Who said that?"  Then Lindsay skipped up and linked her arm through his.  Grinning, clingy.  John found himself dismayed when his body decided to smile without asking him about it first. 

"Sit with me today, Johnny.  You sat with the new girl yesterday, so you can sit with me today."  They started filling their trays, and John tried to think of an excuse.  Delenn was going to help him with his history homework?  No, that wouldn't work; math, maybe, but there was no way she was better at Earth History than he was, and that was the only class they shared.  "I always forget your dad's like an alien expert or whatever," Lindsay went on.  "He probably tell you to be all nice to her on her first day?"

God, he did not want to talk about this right now.  "Yeah, I guess." 

"That's what I figured."  Out of the kitchen and into the cafeteria proper again.  He saw Delenn over at her corner table, sitting with Chess Geek and Really Pretty Church Girl.  They were all chattering away, and Delenn laughed at something Chess Geek said.  "Johnny, over here."  Lindsay was sashaying to her usual table.  It looked like Delenn had plenty of company, so John obediently followed Lindsay.


Approximately a million hours later, hour seven came to an end.  John was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open.  He was just going to wait for the halls to clear out a little bit first.  He set a five minute alarm on his mobile and put his head down on his desk.  He slipped almost immediately into a doze, so when a hand came down on his shoulder he jerked upright, flinging his arm out and smacking someone's stomach.

"Johnny!"  He turned, and Lindsay was standing behind him, hand over her middle, glaring at him.  "What did you do that for?"

"You scared me, Linds.  Sorry."  She sat in the desk in front of him, straddling the seat backwards, which, considering the length of her shorts, gave him quite a view. 

"So what's going on with you?" she asked, batting her eyelashes.  John realized that Delenn didn't have eyelashes.  That was kind of weird.

"Just sleepy."

"You don't have practice tonight?"

"Coach K told me I could go home.  She thinks I'm sick."  Lindsay smiled at that, the slow, seductive smile he'd only seen from her once or twice.  She flirted shamelessly with all the boys, but as far as he knew, she hadn't slept with any of them.  No one even had any stories about kissing her.  She was the Great Unknown, and the locker room was filled with bets over who would snag her first.  John couldn't help but feel a twinge of desire when she reached a hand out and slid it up and down his forearm. 

"So you can come do something with me, then?"  Her eyes were so green, her hair was so red, and her breasts...

John's alarm went off, and they both jumped a little.  He grabbed his stuff.  "No, I told my sister I'd help her with her homework."

"The middle school doesn't let out for another half hour.  Come on, Johnny, your sister can wait a little while."

"Maybe some other time, okay?"  He stood up, and she was there beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder, sliding it down his bicep.  Dark eyes looking up his way.

"I'd like that."  She left then, and there was no doubt she put an extra something into her walk as she slipped out the door.  John stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what had just happened.  It had seemed like Lindsay had invited him to first base at least.  At any rate, some time spent in her exclusive company, which didn't happen often.  And he had turned her down. 

He shook his head and made his way to the front doors.  He really didn't want to go home and help Lizzie with her essay.  It was probably going to take forever, and she could get really defensive when he pointed out mistakes.  He'd go do something with McCarty, except that he was going to be at practice, of course.  Maybe if he just climbed into bed and took a nap, Lizzie would see him sleeping and leave him alone.  Mom could help her with the essay; she was a better writer, anyway.

He pushed open the front doors with a sigh.  "John?"  He turned, and Delenn was standing there, up against the lockers.  He'd walked right by her.  She didn't say anything else, and the confusion on her face made him feel like absolute shit.  Had he really forgotten about Delenn? 

"I'm sorry.  I'm so tired, I can't even think."  That much was true.  He remembered checking out Lindsay's cleavage and a wave of guilt rolled over him.  He was a bastard, he really was. 

"You should go home, and rest." 

"I'm planning on it."  Her face didn't fall, but he could see her trying to hide her disappointment.  "But only if you come with me."  She smiled then, biting her lower lip.  He took her bag from her, then grabbed her hand.  He decided he didn't give a shit if anyone saw them.  But it turned out that the parking lot was deserted, and they didn't pass anyone on the way to his car.  He helped her in, then drove past the school to the baseball field, empty this time of year.  He parked.

"What are you doing, John?"  He turned and just looked at her.  She didn't know that he'd had lusty thoughts about Lindsay today.  She didn't know that he'd plain forgotten about their plans.  He still wanted to make it up to her.  He leaned over and kissed her, just like he had kissed her the night before.  She hummed against his mouth, and he couldn't help but give her bottom lip a little lick as he pulled back enough to look at her.  Her eyes were a tiny bit wide at that, and it made his chest feel a little tight.  Whatever he'd felt for Lindsay back in the classroom was a pale shadow compared to what he was feeling for Delenn right now; in the future, when he wasn't bushed and groggy, he'd remember that.  He leaned back and kissed her again.


His dad's study door was open which meant he was working from the office today; his mom always got home at 7:30 on the dot, and Lizzie had to ride the bus, so they had at least thirty minutes to themselves.  John dragged Delenn up the stairs, but she stopped halfway up to look at the cluster of pictures on the wall.

"Don't.  They're all embarrassing."  She hushed him, and he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, dropped his head down on her shoulder.  Sniffed her neck.  She squirmed a little at that.

"You look like your parents."  He nodded.  So sleepy.  "This is your sister?" 


"I would have liked to have had a sibling."  He was going to say that it wasn't always all it was cracked up to be, but then he tried to imagine his life without Lizzie and got stupidly maudlin all of a sudden, so he just squeezed Delenn a little bit.  Then he grabbed her hand and finished pulling her upstairs.

They went into his bedroom, and she looked around at his things like he'd done the night before to hers.  She picked up the snow globe his dad had bought for him his eighth Christmas, when he'd been really into lighthouses for God knows what reason, and tipped it upside down with a smile.  Then she looked at his bed, and the smile was replaced by a frown.  The bed did look kind of awful, since he hadn't made it or anything, and then with a horrible wave of horror John wondered if his come was all over the sheets.  He usually jerked off into a sock, but he couldn't remember if he had last night, and if so, where he'd put it.

Delenn had walked up to the bed, and short of just picking her up and hauling her out, he didn't know what to do.  She looked it up and down.  Was she inside his fucking mind?  Then she turned to him, looking bewildered.

"Sorry, I, um, was running late this morning and--"

"Do you sleep on this?" she asked, and he understood the words just fine, but could not figure out what she was asking. 


"It is flat."

Oh.  Oh!  That was what that triangular thing in her room had been.  That had been her bed.  That was...really weird.  He nodded, and took the opportunity to sweep the flat sheet and covers off the bed.  There was the sock!  It was on the floor!  He grabbed it up with the rest and stuffed everything into his laundry hamper.  Pulled down the nice quilt his Grandma had made for him out of his closet, and as he shook it out over the bed he checked to make sure the fitted sheet was okay.  It looked okay.  He was afraid it would be too suspicious if he stripped that off, too.  He kicked off his shoes and turned off the lights.  There was just enough sunlight coming through his curtains that they could still see each other.


"You said you didn't sleep good either.  Come experience a human bed - it has got to be more comfortable than that slanted thing you sleep on."  He laid down on his side, patted the bed next to him.

"Minbari believe that to sleep in the horizontal tempts death."

"I won't let you die."  She hesitated a moment longer, then unfastened the side of her robe.  She took it off, and for a split second John was expecting to see bare skin.  But she was wearing a kind of short-sleeved slip underneath, plain and snug over her body.  He tried not to stare at her, but he couldn't help but note her slim hips and tiny waist, and got a good look at the tops of her breasts as she leaned down to take off her shoes.  Bigger than he'd thought, the skin milky white and perfect; his penis jumped up to attention and reported for duty.  He'd been hoping to spoon her, but that definitely wasn't going to happen now.  She gingerly laid down on her back beside him, hands clasped between her breasts, which just drew the fabric tighter over them.

Sheridan, you fucking pervert, quit ogling her.  He carefully tucked the quilt up to her chest, then cupped her cheek, running his thumb over her cheekbone.  She turned her head to the side, looking at him, and something about seeing her bone crest nestled down in his pillow made his eyes feel suspiciously wet and girly.  He leaned over and brushed his lips against hers, then rolled over onto his back and went to sleep. 

Chapter Four - Everything Changes
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