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Getting to Know You Meme - Day 3 and Pretties

nhpw earned one fandom credit good for any fun pretty fandom thing, and she cashed it in on a shippy S2 wallpaper.  I made two versions, because I am always worried about not making what the requester actually wants.  (ufgator1977 is shaking her head right now, muttering about shiny lights...)  So there's a blue watercolor-y fade-y version, and a straight-forward plain version. 


Click for full size.  I just made these 1076x780, so if anyone else would like a different resolution, let me know.  Also, if you'd prefer it in pink or something like that, I can do that, too.  If you say something like, "Could I have the same desktop, only better?" I will slap you.  :D

I have to admit, starting the day knowing you're going to tell people what you ate is a pretty good motivator.  For breakfast I had steel-cut oatmeal with apples, and black tea.  For my morning snack I had a banana.  For lunch I had chicken salad on a bagel and about half an ounce of cheese.  For afternoon snack I had a fun size M&Ms bag.  (Okay, I had two.)  For dinner I had homemade shepherd's pie made with ground turkey and sweet potato.  And for night snack I had a piece of banana bread I made this afternoon because the bananas were turning all brown and yucky.
Tags: b5, graphics, meme, shippy stuff
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