July 26th, 2010

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"Damn you, canon!"

There have been a couple times writing "Metamorphoses" when I've had to shake my fist at canon a little bit.  I had decided when I started that it was going to be very true to the actual events that happened in the show, but that doesn't mean I don't imagine other "what-ifs" as I go along.  The end of Delenn and Sheridan's dinner date?  I could write, like, a dozen different ways that evening could have ended.  Here's one of 'em!

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Best week so far of my writing career? Mayhap.

Dude, you guys. Remember when, at the last minute, I decided to enter another screenplay competition? And I was all, help, which one should I submit? And then I submitted both - I was only going to submit Fall River, but decided to throw Flesh and Blood in there at the last minute.

I hadn't ever heard back, and I remembered today that they were supposed to announce quarterfinalists in June. So I thought I'd check the website. There it was, the list of quarterfinalists, and I figured that since I didn't get an email that was that.

Except not!

Man, I'm glad I entered Flesh and Blood, you guys. That's two major competitions now that it's advanced in. That's REALLY GOOD. (Ugh, I wish it had made Scriptapalooza's quarterfinals; that would have been really awesome.) So now I'm waiting on Austin Film Festival. (Please please please please.)

I am feeling really confident about this script now. I mean, I was before, but this is different; this is, like, independent confirmation that it's a good script. It's hard to be objective about something you wrote yourself. It would be great if I got some contacts out of this, since these competitions either send out information or make it available for agents who request it; but if I don't, I'll have some good things to include in my query letter.