July 28th, 2010

cate nose

Also, "...when the tornado siren going off means it's time to go outside and look for the funnel."

I've seen this "you know you're from [blank] when..." meme a couple places, so I decided to do it myself. There were ones for Kansas proper and just Kansas City, so I picked my favorites from both. Ones that are true are in bold; I cut a lot of the ones that didn't apply because there were a lot, since the Kansas meme was skewed towards people from western Kansas (one of them was, "You know someone's from Kansas City when they consider everything west of Topeka to be western Kansas," and I was like, ooo, burn), and a lot of the Kansas City meme was skewed toward KCMO, which, KCMO sucks, whatever.

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b5 delenn

I actually rarely listen to myself.

The last couple days I've been saying to myself, "Self," I've been saying, "you need to stop writing fanfiction and work on your original fic, and make your workshop edits on your new screenplay, and look at the third act of your old screenplay.  You need to clean your bedroom, and take the dog for a walk, and I'll let you watch TV but only one episode a day."

So I've written some fanfiction and watched a bunch of Supernatural.  Fun times!  Here's the sequel to "A Ritual Farewell."

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