August 5th, 2010

b5 delenn

I suck at titles.

So, when I first wrote "A Ritual Farewell," it was supposed to just be a fun, fluffy one-off.  And now I'm on chapter four.  Should I say this is a series?  It doesn't matter much here on LJ, but I don't like posting each thing as a separate story on FFN when they're all definitely linked.  And if it is a series, I can't come up with a name.  Suggestions welcome.

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ready set van gogh

A Half-Assed Icon Tutorial

So, talking with vjs2259 earlier about icons.  She uses Gimp, I use Photoshop, so I wasn't much help.  So, since I have lots of work to do, it of course made sense to download Gimp and figure out how to use it and make up a little tutorial!  Because otherwise I would be expected to go do some work!

Also, I'm a pedant, and I love making up icon tutorials.  It's so much fun!

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