August 15th, 2010

b5 delenn

Real Life Boring Blah-Blah

Kind of a boring week.  Last night the heat finally broke, but it's been right around 100 actual temperature the last week or so, and high 90s for a few weeks before that; it just saps your will-power, it really does.  Day before yesterday, I was so bored and was actually getting kind of depressed about sitting around inside the house - there's only so long you can occupy yourself making icons and reading fanfic and playing Burger Shop.  But the heat index was 115 and I just could not make myself have any desire to leave the nice air conditioned house; even just walking from the car to a store or Starbucks or whatever is enough to make you sweat.  Plus, my car doesn't have AC, so that's always fun to drive around in when it's this hot.

Today's in the 80s, though, so I sat outside and read a little, which was very nice.  I think I might go up to Starbucks and write later; my grad school roommate and I are pulling our old TV pilot out of storage.  Scriptapalooza's having a TV contest in October, and usually those things only accept spec scripts for existing shows, but they're taking pilots.  It's amazing how not looking at something in three years gives you absolute objectivity; it was easy to go through and see what worked and what didn't, and what definitely didn't.  We're working on the beat outline now, and should start drafting by the beginning of September. 

We're also still workshopping my new script in my local writer's group; we've got about 45 pages to go, or two or three sessions.  Once we're done, I'll go through all the notes and come up with a revision manifesto.  One thing I've noticed with each new script is that it takes me less drafts to get to something decent.  With Flesh and Blood back in the day, it really wasn't until about draft four or five that it held up as a solid movie; Fall River took three; this new script, even though it's just a first draft, is pretty okay.  I mean, it has problems, but there's no plot holes or huge characterization problems.  I may be...getting better as a writer?  That would be exciting.