September 13th, 2010

b5 delenn

Mad Libs Revealed!

I hope you guys enjoy these; I certainly did.  My favorite came from ghanimasun's words; the rest will be behind the cut.

Delenn couldn't help being excited, even though she knew the Shan'fal required prayer, meditation, and a coffee cup.  She had wanted John for a very long time, though, and tonight she was going to rotate, sing and eat him.  She knew that once he saw Lennier and her clan waiting outside her room, he would want to suspiciously laugh, but Delenn was reasonably confident that her stuffed bears would keep him from leaving.  She lit some candles, rearranged the jackets on her floor for the fortieth time, and hoped that John wouldn't be much longer.  She was nearly ready to attack.  It was hard to believe that nothing had happened between them by now - they had been engaged for 400 months, after all.  There had been that time a few weeks ago, when she'd nearly let him open her, but she was glad they waited.  There, the bell.  He was here.  "OH BOY!" she answered.

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