February 27th, 2011

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Live Blogging the Oscars

11:02 pm - The show's been over for awhile.  Am still basking in wonderful TKS-wins glow.  I do think, though, that tonight's show was the second-worst Oscar show in terms of production and pacing that I've seen.  (The worst is still the one where they gave out awards in the audience, or had the technical award nominees all cluster on the stage together, to save time - because God knows things like sound mixing and cinematography are totally unimportant when it comes to making movies.)  Like, everything was just so painfully unfunny, except for the rare few presenters who actually have some natural comic timing and were able to save themselves, if nothing else.  The set was weird, the homages to past films that had won was scatterbrained and confusing, the introductions of the nominees was boring, and on and on.  I mean, is it really that hard to put together an entertaining show, where pretty people in nice dresses win shiny things?

They should just hire the people on YouTube who make the awesome montages.  And skip the host, and just have people present without dumb scripted chatter.  And actually, like, TALK ABOUT MOVIES.  I swear, that auto-tuned turning dialogue into songs thing about halfway through rivaled Rob Lowe singing with Snow White for I'm Going To Seriously Kill Myself, This is Too Embarrassing to Live moments.

10:45 pm - I'm happy with both lead acting winners.  Natalie is not my favorite actress in the world, but she was amazing in Black Swan.  And Colin Firth of course was brilliant and perfect. 

And The King's Speech wins.  I knew True Grit, which was my other favorite movie of the year, didn't have a chance in hell, so I was obviously enormously pleased with the outcome.  I was still so nervous, though; goodness.  And for the first time since 2003, my favorite movie of the year, and the one I truly felt was the best, actually wins the Best Picture Oscar.  Tonight ended up a whole lot better than it started.


I think some of the happiest moments in my life have been when people I like when awards.

9:57 pm
- Hi, Sally!  Bye, Sally.

I'm incredibly glad they turned off the Death Clap-o-Meter for a change.  I still can't quite believe Dennis Hopper is gone.

9:49 pm - Thanks a lot, Oscars, for reminding me that Jennifer Hudson has won one of you.  Also, what is wrong with her boobs.

Those were like four of the worst song nominees ever.  At least Randy Newman was funny?  I just want to know who keeps telling Gwyneth Paltrow she has a good singing voice; it's flat and awful.

9:37 pm - Oh God, The Social Network is going to win, isn't it?  Ughhhhhhh.

Also, WTF is up with Hereafter getting a Visual Effects nomination.  That wave looked like something from a video game from 2002.

9:23 pm - So far, The King's Speech has won a single Oscar, and True Grit has won zero Oscars.

At least Cate Blanchett looked ethereal and perfect and gorgeous.

Also, that Tangled song was the blandest shit I've ever heard.  For this, Jonsi didn't get nominated?  Mmmkay.

8:51 pm - I cannot believe Trent Reznor has an Oscar.  Fucking Social Network, damn it.  This Oscars is balls so far.  Balls!

8:35 pm - Screenplay went as expected, does not clarify the race at all.  I'm happy to see Christian Bale win, even though I would have liked John Hawkes or Geoffrey Rush to win as well.  Helen Mirren's dress was gorgeous and she was stunning, as per usual.  I think she's been in my top three best dressed for about the last five years at this point.

I am so over Oscar hosts and their random, unfunny shtick.  Seriously.  I'd rather have a bunch of random montages; at least they're ostensibly about movies.

8:09 pm - Well, not the best start.  I'm 1/5.  I was hoping this would be the year when the voters realized that the best acting =/= the most crying and yelling, but alas.  No such luck.  And even though I picked Toy Story 3 to win, I wanted How to Train Your Dragon to win - but I knew that wasn't going to happen.  So far, underwhelmed by dresses.  I liked Mila Kunis's color and basic idea, but it was a tiny bit too low-cut for my tastes. 

I refused to watch Melissa Leo's acceptance speech.  I stirred the pizza bites in the oven, and angrily ate some popcorn.  Grr.