March 27th, 2011

b5 delenn

Tribute to Classic Horror

This weekend I watched the original Vampyr.  This is an incredible film.  1932, which puts it a little late, and it's a bit more grounded in reality, but I would still classify it as German Expressionism.  And I flove German Expressionism.

This is just such an amazing film as far as visuals go.  It's hard to believe it's from 1932, actually.  The compositions are just stunning.  The cinematography isn't always the best - part of it is that the best print now existing was cobbled together from a couple different prints, plus quite a bit of the film was shot day-for-night - but I can't really blame it.  But the compositions, oh, the compositions.  The use of negative space is divine.  It's also a surprisingly creepy film.  I think a lot of people feel like it's not possible for modern audiences to be scared of something so old, that we're too jaded and desensitized - but there were a couple shots and moments that legit freaked me out, and I've seen this movie twice before.

I took a lot of notes as I watched, and I also capped. 
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