August 4th, 2011

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Book Meme

Remember the book meme?  LOL, I'm horrible at remembering to finish memes all the way through.  But my life has been v. boring lately, so here goes.

16. Adaptation: What book would you most like to see made into a film? Do you like to read the book first or see the film? Any books you have read after seeing the film version?

I'm torn about wanting the Mars Trilogy turned into movies, and not wanting them to be, because I want to make them myself.  But I know that's never going to happen.  I'm just afraid that whatever is done with them will never match what I have in my head.  Besides those books, I'd love to see Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell on the big screen.  I think it would also work as a miniseries.  Generally, if the movie's about to come out, I'll watch the movie first.  If it's going to be awhile, I might read the book.  It depends.

LOTS of books I've read after watching the movie, or the TV show.  Most recently, the Game of Thrones series.  (So. Good.)

17. What is the most difficult book you’ve ever read?

Oh, plenty.  As far as "the hardest book to follow," I'd say City of God.  I had to rely heavily on internet summaries and the like.  It was painful.  I kept trying to find the "right" time to read, where my brain would be sharp and I could pay attention.  I never found that time.  It was one of those books where I would read a paragraph and then realize I had absolutely no idea what I'd just read.

18. Your favourite book series & your favourite book out of that series

I've already mentioned several times my favorite series  (Maaaaaars), so to talk about something different: I love the Uplift series by David Brin.  It's set in the future, after we've met with all the other alien races in the galaxy.  We find out that we're basically the only species to achieve sentience on our own; everyone else is "uplifted," or given help by another species (usually by tinkering with their DNA).  The only reason we're not wiped out is because by the time first contact happens, we've uplifted two species ourselves, chimps and dolphins.  My favorite book from that series is The Uplift War, the third in the first trilogy of books.