October 22nd, 2011

lotr galadriel

Suck it, Saturday.

Every weekend I vow to get work done, and every weekend I manage to waste time until I feel horrible, but not this weekend!  I actually got things done!  I outlined the first act of a new screenplay, sat down with my novel and decided to cut out the second major plotline I'd introduced because the whole thing was getting way too unwieldy and bloated, and wrote 3000 words on the next chapter.  I want to try and draft the first five pages of the new screenplay before I call it a day, and I think it's totally doable.

I've decided to quit outlining the whole movie in advance.  I always do, and by the time I've written to the end of Act One, I've veered so far off course that my outline generally becomes useless.  So I'm going to outline two sequences, then draft.  Outline two sequences, then draft.  And so on.  (A sequence is 10-15 pages, and there are eight in a screenplay.)  Shorter goals work better for me, anyway.  I'd like to try to bust this screenplay out, do a NaScreeWriMo again this year, except actually finish in November, and not in January like I did last year.

I also started making Christmas presents today!  I still haven't worked up to being able to cross-stitch again, but I hope to soon.  Right now I'm ~painting.  I've missed doing crafts a lot.

Is anyone watching American Horror Story?  I watched the pilot yesterday, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm in the rare position of needing the internet to tell me what to think.