November 13th, 2011

b5 delenn

NaWriSoMo Day Twelve

The Orphan Queen: 28707 words --> Technically, I only had a net gain of 286 words, but that's because I deleted and rewrote the end of Chapter One, finally (I hope) bringing to a conclusion my edits on that chapter.  I actually wrote 1015 words yesterday.  I would have managed more, but the library had been closed Thursday for in-service, and Friday the server was down because the physical thingys were being moved, so nothing could be checked in.  So yesterday I got to check in ALL THE BOOKS for the first half of the day.  It did make the day go quickly, though, being that busy, I'll give it that much.

I need to finish the screenwriting contest - which I'm actually having more fun with than my two original screenplays - so I can have it read at writer's group tomorrow and get feedback.  And maybe post it here, too?