March 21st, 2012

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Blood and Chrome trailer

ETA: I did have the trailer here, but NBC already yanked it.  Because those are the command decisions networks make!  "Hey dude, let's make a teaser trailer to promote our new show."  "On it, bro."  "That looks great!"  "Oh no, people are watching it on the internet."  "Well take it down, obvs, we don't want anyone to watch it."

Sigh.  I'm sure it's already been reuploaded, so just try searching for it.

ufgator1977 posted this earlier today - I hadn't seen it yet.  I am very conflicted.  On the one hand, this looks amazing and very cool and look at all the spaceships and Cylons and yay!

On the other hand, I still blame this show for the cancellation of Caprica.  And to me, you can see that network decision-making process explicit in this trailer.  Caprica failed not because the network jerked it around, put it on a long hiatus, changed the premiere date with little advance notice, etc., but because it had girrrrrls in it!  Yuck!  And people were talking all the time.  About stuff!  But Blood and Chrome is going to succeed because it's about boys!  Who fight!  And shoot things!  And blow them up!  Pew-pew, ba-dow ba-dow! 

And then I watch the trailer again.  Because it's cool.  (And why will no one let themselves understand that girls like shit blowing up, too?)  And then I remember my poor dear Caprica, whose last chunk of episodes I still haven't watched because I was so bummed by the cancellation that I couldn't bring myself to do it.  And this way, I still have new Caprica to (someday) watch.

But I miss BSG and this is kinda like new BSG.