November 10th, 2012

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NaNoWriMo Day 10 and My Awesome Day Off

I had the day off yesterday because I'm working today (I'm at work right now, ugh).  I slept in just a little, then spent the morning working on my freelance job.  Planted some clearance late-season plants outside.  Then my sister and I picked up a friend, we grabbed lunch, and ate out at a park.  It was so ridiculously beautiful outside.  After eating I grabbed my Shuffle and took a brief walk.  A triumphant Muse song came on and I may or may not have pretended I was in a music video.

Then we went to this huge Army surplus store in KC.  I had never been before.  OMGGGG it was amazing.  I could have bought everything, but I kept myself to this splendid hoodie that is like the greatest hoodie ever, and then a cast iron little cauldron thing that I am going to cook everything in.  I had a little mini cast iron skillet, too, but my sister quite accurately pointed out that I already have a mini cast iron skillet and I don't need another one.  But we totally spent more than two hours just browsing through everything.  (There were boots!  And one-man tents!  And duffels!  And enameled cookware!  And knives!  And basically all of the things I love!)

Then I went to a NaNo write-in that was very productive.  Then I bought ice cream.  Then I played Peggle.

Seriously, great day.

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