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Getting to Know You (GtKY) Meme Day 4 and Miscellanea

Busy day today.  It's my last week doing this long-term subbing gig - the regular teacher comes back next Monday - so I have to start getting the room back in order and remember where I've put all the things and notes and such that I should have been organizing all along.  I'm not happy about this ending -  I really like knowing when and where I'm going to work each day, instead of waiting for a phone call I may or may not get at 5:30 in the morning, so I always have to be ready just in case.  Bah.

Came home and had to change my returning flight from Austin, which was fairly painless; my new flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning, which will not be painless.  But it was two hundred extra dollars to fly out the night before, which was not going to happen.  I still need to make my rental car reservation - the website was down last night, of course - and then my travel plans will be finished.

I started volunteering with my library's ESL class this summer; tonight was my second time teaching on my own.  Beginner's ESL just has one student right now.  She's from Ethiopia, and has a very, very limited vocabulary.  It can be quite a challenge to communicate with her, and we spent almost an hour today just going over what she did today.  But then you have great moments like when she remembered that after English class, she's planning to go home and eat ice cream, and she got really excited about the ice cream, and then we just talked for a little bit about ice cream.  I just have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone that moves to a country and is not able to speak the language - I would not be able to do it.  I would be too scared. 

Why do we love a person?  A family member, a friend, a romantic partner?  Why do we love our favorite food?  A holiday destination?  That old pair of shoes that everyone else hates?  Why do we love a TV show?  A movie?  A book?  Why do we love a holiday?  A certain smell?  A color?

We love the things that make us happy.
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