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nhpw directed me to video from the Babyon 5 Dragoncon 2009 panel.  I love talking about happy giggly actors being cute while they talk about their show and take the piss out of each other!


My thoughts on this first part: cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!  I like how they obviously really miss working on the show - you don't see that a lot with casts.  Usually, unless the show is canceled tragically early, everyone seems ready to move on by year four or five.

Hee at Bruce and Claudia having their own (apparently quite funny) conversation while Tracy's talking!  They are seriously adorbs.

God, he is STILL so EPICALLY PISSED that JMS ended the show after the fifth season.  I totally agree with him, too.  There was so much story to tell - the Telepath War and the ISA setting up shop on Minbar would be more than enough to fill out the major arcs of a season.  I'm surprised, tbh, that if TNT really wanted a sixth season that they didn't go ahead and do it without JMS; I can't believe he would have had the clout to keep them from going ahead.

Then Bruce talks about how after he finished filming Call to Arms, he sobbed in his car on the way home.  Sniff. 

No deep thoughts on this part, other than it seems like once again WB was willing to do more B5 stuff and JMS was like, "Um, no."  Although I actually haven't watched Lost Tales yet, so maybe it's a good thing they called it a day? 

I, um, heartily endorse any discussion about Bruce's penis.  Just sayin'.  Seriously though, I love that they all refused to sign the sexual harassment paperwork because they were afraid it would cut into their joking around with each other material.  Lord, what that set must have been like!  (I want to go to there.)  Also, Bruce talking about feeling like he really had to bring his A-game when working with Peter or Andreas is just endlessly endearing, considering that he was the star of the show.

25 Takes Boxleitner!  This is the little niblet that nhpw teased me with and I was like, where is this from?  Poor actors, though; I did theater in school, so I know what it's like when you get something wrong and just cannot manage to get it right, and how it gets worse and worse and you start being really self-conscious about it.  I laughed so hard when he talked about going out into the parking lot to scream, came back...and screwed it up again.  Oh, Bruce, ILU.  Then Claudia has to prompt him on her name!  God.  He is a really good storyteller though - building up to multiple punchlines and all.

Claudia is the cutest thing, OMG.  Heeeeee when she can't remember KOSH'S NAME and is trying to describe it to Bruce, and you can't really hear what she's saying, just all her hand gestures.  "The big guy in the suit."  That's totes what I'm going to call him from now on.  And then talking about how cheap the show was, so they'd have to watch some guy with a bagel in his mouth pulling Pat Tallman in a wagon for some shot - I just had to pause the video and take a break, I was laughing so hard.  I lament anything like this before the age of filming a ton of behind the scenes stuff for DVD; I would KILL to actually see some of this.  Like them ACTUALLY MAKING BANG BANG SOUNDS OUT LOUD while they shoot their fake PPGs.  

I love Tracy's story about Bruce throwing up in the F-15.

Peter: "My wife always said it was typecasting, that there was a part of me that was just like Londo."
Bruce: "The six penises."
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