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19 October 2010 @ 09:37 am
NaScreeWriMo - Setting and Visual Motifs  
This is one of the exercises I do, because brainstorming these specifics, especially what visual motifs I plan to use, is a great way for me to generate plot, as you'll see toward the end of this, as my stream of consciousness hones in on a good idea.

-Small Romanian village, early 1700s, nestled in Carpathian Mountains --> isolated especially in winter when snow blocks most of mountain passes.
-Ruled by tradition --> there are very specific ways that things are done.
-Everyone knows everyone else's business; no secrets --> an almost claustrophobic atmosphere.
-Hierarchy of wealth big deal --> prince in inaccessible castle, few very wealthy merchants, priest and church wield huge amounts of power.
-Villagers very superstitious, all intermingled with a very devout Catholicism --> verging on magic at times.
-Most villages/towns built around town square, central meeting place --> this one built around cemetery.

Visual Motifs
-Death has to factor in everywhere.
-Cemetery needs to be creepy --> opening set piece?  would establish tone --> open on a funeral.
-See animals butchered (remember story from Helter Skelter about microphone picking up sound of knife scraping against bone as they talked --> disturbing.)
-Illness --> everyone's pale, weak.
-Winter --> nothing alive, nothing growing --> dead flowers, black leafless trees.  Bleakness.
-Places with fires or hearths become places of safety --> fire = life.
-Contrast between cold stone and warm wood, between wealth and homeyness --> opulence carries risk, danger.
-Height = risk, moving up into mountains.
-Wolves seem overdone, but are legit vampire thing.
-Corruption through wealth = corruption of humanity (vampire).
-Not just death --> corruption, things being rotted, falling apart from center.  Opulence and wealth just a mask.
-Do I end in castle or cathedral?
-Why does tiny village in mountains have a huge church?
-Or could end in chapel in castle, best of both worlds -->to preserve Gothic tradition.
-Or chapel up tiny inaccessible mountain staircase above castle --> back to height, reversal from usual descent into hell.
-General creepy associations with Catholic iconography --> back to corruption.
-Priest most powerful, prince/duke subservient to him --> wrong, cant from normal.
-Everything slightly off, unheimliche, unease.  Attraction/repulsion.  Things just aren't right.
-Relics in church --> what if relic introduced vampirism?  Vial of blood. 
Hollyhollywobbles on October 19th, 2010 08:57 pm (UTC)
Heee, thanks! (This reminds me - I had someone ask to snag an icon I'd made for the first time this morning. I was hoppity skippity bounce bounce all over the fricken place.)