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From the maelstrom of the knowledge into labyrinth of doubt...

This has been a pretty good year as far as concerts go.  This summer we went to see Jónsi, and two weeks ago we saw Sufjan Stevens.  Last night, though, we went to see my favorite band - Gogol Bordello!

I like that video because it gives you some indication of what their live shows are like; namely, crazy.  Like, totally crazy.  This band LOVES to play live, and the more worked up the audience gets the more worked up they get.  It's like a feeding frenzy.  Last night, I think their encore was as long as the show, because Eugene just wouldn't leave the stage, and kept playing just one more song.  Speaking of Eugene...

This is Eugene Hütz.  Yes, he has an umlaut in his name.  Would you take a look at this GQMF?  He was born in the Ukraine, but now he lives in Brazil.  What is that.  He impregnates women just with his moustache.  He speaks like a million languages.  Sometimes he performs in high heels, because he is just that awesome.

Look at this band.  Does your favorite band have an accordion player?  Does your favorite band have a fierce as shit Russian violinist?  Does your favorite band have dancers who sometimes play random percussion instruments and jump up on speakers to yell at the audience?  Does your favorite band just drop Spanish rapping into their songs all willy-nilly?  The answer to all these questions is no.  Your argument is invalid.

In conclusion:

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