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07 November 2010 @ 10:59 pm
NaScreeWriMo - Day Seven  
I really wanted to get the last scene of Act I done tonight, but I'm tired and I don't want to write crap I'll have to rewrite.  So I'll attack it fresh in the morning and go from there.

So remember, I threw out the two previous pages I posted.  This starts after Dominik asks Ilka if they can play a game.


Mira sits in the chair, in the dress from the night before. Wide awake, calm, and watching the door.

CLICK. The door creaks OPEN a few inches. Mira tenses, waits. No other sound or movement.

She stands, goes slowly to the door. Cautiously opens it fully, then looks out into--


Mira steps out of the room, long looks up and down the hallway - nothing, no one.

She starts walking. The rustling of her skirts is very loud in the stillness. She comes to a door. Beat. Mira tries the handle - it is locked.

Down to the end of the corridor, around the corner. This hallway looks EXACTLY THE SAME as the one she just left. The tapestry on the wall opposite the two doors is the same - a BLACK DRAGON on a white field, biting its own tail.

Mira hesitates, then walks down this corridor as well. Tries the doors - locked. Hurrying now, around the corner.

The same hallway.

Mira stops. Deep breaths.

FOOTSTEPS from behind, coming her way.

Mira RUNS. Down the corridor, around the corner - the same hallway. She tries the doors - locked, locked.

The footsteps are louder, their pace quicker.

Around the corner, the same hallway. Mira’s breath comes in GASPS. She doesn’t bother with the doors this time.

Around the corner - STAIRS. Mira almost falls down them - she grabs at the wall.

The footsteps behind her, running.

Mira hurries down the stairs, holding up her heavy skirts. Down to the foot of the stairs--


Empty walls. HEAVY DOUBLE DOORS at the end.

The footsteps running down the stairs.

Mira runs down the corridor, wrenches the doors open. Enters--


She turns to look back down the hallway. Empty. Silent - the footsteps are GONE. Mira pulls the DOORS SHUT, the hinges SQUEALING. Catches her breath.

She turns to look at the chapel. Dim, cold. Six pews in two rows. The white statues in niches, all staring piously into the distance.

Silence. She looks for the font, but there is none. She walks toward the altar.

Father Janos?
She looks to her left - the CONFESSIONAL. Opens one door, then the other. Empty. Still a bit disquieted, Mira goes behind the first pew and KNEELS.


Ilka walks around her bed, a SMILE completely transforming her face.

And when I find you, I will take you
down to the kitchen and have them cook you into a pie!
GIGGLES from under the bed. Ilka is like a child herself, rustling the bed curtains loudly.

Footsteps coming down the hallway outside.

Ilka drops to her knees, grabs for Dominik.

Come here, hurry.
She pulls and he crawls. A KNOCK on the door.

Ilka opens a CHEST at the foot of her bed, lifts Dominik and sets him down inside. She puts a finger to her lips - he nods. She closes the chest.

Another knock.

Ilka sits on top of the chest, lets her shoulders slump.

Come in.
The door opens - Janos enters.

My Lady, you look well.

I am tired, Janos.

(looks around)
Where is the child?

One of the girls took him away.

Is that so?

He was quite loud, fussy. You know
what trouble I have sleeping.

Which girl took the child?
Ilka stands, putting on anger - fear underneath.

As if I would care what any of their names are! It
was bad enough the creature was given to me in the first place.

Of course. Will you come to the chapel with me?

What is the point of prayer, Janos?

She climbs onto her bed, lies down. No pretending this time.

Janos looks to the chest, smiles, and leaves.

Beat. Ilka gets up, opens the chest. Dominik peers up at her.

I thought it would be someone else.

When is Mama coming?
The tender look on her face vanishes.

Always prating about your mother. Be glad
that I didn’t give you to one of the
servants! You would be sitting in your
own filth right now, alone, ignored.
She huffs around the room. Dominik puts his ARMS OUT, waiting for her to lift him out of the chest. Ilka sees him, stops her pacing. She picks him up - he hugs her neck.

I just want to keep you for a little awhile.
Is that all right?
Dominik nods. They hold each other.


Mira continues to pray.

I do not ask for money, or land, or
possessions. I only ask that You return
me to my home. That is all I
want. Please, Lord, just let everything
go back to the way it was.
Beat. She begins to say more, then stops - she HEARS something. Mira doesn’t move, doesn’t even shift her eyes, but she’s alert.


Mira closes her eyes, struggles to stay still. The whispers continue, unintelligible.

She whips her head to the side, looks - the whispers STOP. Nothing there but the statue of the Virgin Mary, hands clasped in prayer, eyes turned toward the back of the chapel.

So there you are.
Mira turns - Bathory stands just outside the chapel. The doors stand wide open.

I came to your room, hoping to show you
the castle. You were not there.
Mira stands, stays silent. Bathory makes no move to enter the chapel.

Will you join me?

I was praying, my Lord.

And for what do you pray?

For what does any woman pray? For the
health of my husband and child.
Mira holds his gaze, chin high. Bathory holds out his hand.

Beat. She cannot say no, so joins him. He takes her by the arm, leads her away.
Holly: The president approveshollywobbles on November 9th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Ooh, likey! I like the creepy little details you're creating for the castle -- the repeating hallways, the flames that are too long, etc.

I'm surprised at Ilka's genuine affection for Dominik -- I thought I had her pegged as the type who only wants a son for the position it will gain her with her husband and maybe society, who wouldn't actually love her kids much. I'm interested to see where you're taking this. :)
Shannonkungfuwaynewho on November 9th, 2010 03:32 pm (UTC)
I'm having a hard time coming up with visuals because so much of it's been done, and I don't want to retread other creepy vampire movies - so thank you.

Tbh, I'm working out Ilka as I go along. I don't think there's been a huge contradiction yet, but I didn't now where I was going with her when I started, so yeah. Now I do, though, so she should be consistent from here on out.