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Icons are Fun

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How many icons do you have:  On LJ, 145.  In my Photobucket, about 1000.
Out of how many spaces:  On LJ, out of 175.
If you could buy more space, would you:  Yes.  I want all the icons.
Do your icons make a statement:  They say, "This girl likes pretty people kissing and/or dancing with each other.  Also, dumb shit."
What fandom do you have the most icons of:  On LJ, Babylon 5.  In general, probably BSG or Star Trek.
And the second most:  I didn't read ahead!  X-Files.
What ship do you have the most icons of:  John/Delenn
Are your icons made mostly by other people:  Not on LJ; I've been making icons for years just for fun, so now that I'm finally on LJ, I've been like, OMG I get to use all my icons yaaaaaay!
Do you make icons:  Yes.
Are they any good:  Some are good, some are average. 
Animated icons are:  Best for funny icons; I don't really get serious animated icons.


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