Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

I'm always afraid one of these days it won't be a hallucination. Eeep.

Sleep paralysis incident this weekend!  I woke up, and for the first time since I was a kid, had my eyes open.  (It was unpleasant.)  First, I heard what sounded like a cabinet door in the kitchen slam shut.  Then someone running down the hallway toward my room.  Then a light went on and off.  Then...silence.

My absolute first thought was, of course, that there was a demon.  I mean, could that have been more Paranormal Activity?  Then I figured it was my brother doing who-knows-what, but when I asked him the next day he insisted he never got out of bed.  I checked with everyone else, even though I figured no one else would be running around the house.  The only alternative was sleep paralysis.

Which is kinda weird, since I never actually felt paralyzed.  That, coupled with my second visual hallucination in my entire life (the first and previously only one being when I was five, and I woke up to a little girl's face a few inches from mine, staring at me), still has me wondering just a bit if it actually was sleep paralysis, but I can't think of what else it would be.  Brrr.  I do not need to be seeing lights go on and off in the middle of the night.  No thank you, brain.

Barring a miracle, I think we can safely say that I will not be finishing my NaScreeWriMo in November.  I will still be finishing the script, and I'll still post the pages as I go, but that ship has sailed.  Ah well.
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