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GtKY Meme Day 11

My siblings include lavrapesto (Laura) and h_s_doodles (Sarah), who are three and twelve years younger than me respectively.

Laura has a degree in art history, is very good at all kinds of crafts, took Latin in college which inspired me to try to learn it; she introduces me to a lot of new music, new TV, hot new British actors.

Here's us as babies:

We've always got along really well, although I was kind of pushy when we were little and always made her be the student/customer/cameraman/acolyte while I was the teacher/merchant/cooking show host/head witch. 

Sarah as a baby:

The thing about being twelve when a sibling is born is that in a lot of ways, I didn't feel like I was her sister as much as her babysitter/ersatz mom for awhile.  It's only been the last four or five years that that's really changed.  She's very cool now, though - she's really into fashion, she does awesome cross-stitch; she's kind of an Anglophile, too.
We all tend to do a lot of stuff together as we share a lot of the same interests.  We're not identical by any means, and we all three have different temperaments, but we do get on as well as siblings can, I think, without being like creepy robot siblings.

I also have a brother.
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