Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

All those hours in Starbucks finally pay off.

Well, got an email from Nicholl Fellowship this morning. Fall River didn't make it to the quarterfinals. There were 6,300 scripts entered in the competition, and only 326 made it to the next level.

One of which was Flesh and Blood! That's right, everyone! After five years and twelve drafts, the old workhorse finally did something! They cut down to around 100-120 scripts for the semifinals, which we should hear about around the end of August. Honestly, though, if I make it no further than the quarterfinals, that is still a huge deal and I won't be (too tremendously) upset.

You guys, though. I read the "we're sorry maybe Fall River is a good script we can't say but you didn't make it" email first and I had an ENORMOUS SAD. You know how gmail is when you get two emails from the same person, how they're stacked on top of each other? It took me a couple minutes to realize there even was a second email. So it was with much Lucille-hand-waving that I read the second, which began with the greatest word any writer can read: CONGRATULATIONS!
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