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2010: Year in Review

This has always been my favorite way to sum up the year, mostly because it has a sort of Zen quality to me.  Here are the first sentences of the first blog posts of each month.  (I'm skipping meme posts, which are generally my new media posts, and only posting actual post-posts.)

February: Oscar nomination predictions!
March: An open letter to Sherron Collins (who is egotistical enough to google himself and therefore might read this):
April: You know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers"? Kansas takes it seriously.
May: I love TV memes!
June: So, I was reading a Fringe thread at TWOP, and someone posted a Babylon 5 spoiler right in the middle of a comment.
July: YEAH. THAT HAPPENED. I've been mentally preparing a "Babylon 5 is the Greatest Television Show in the History of the World" post for about two weeks now, but we'll see whether I end up going through with it, especially considering how behind I am on the TV meme (why do these things matter).
August: Writing, writing, all the time, but not a thing I can sell.  Whee!
September: I am a finalist! 
October: Yesterday was biz-zay.
November: So I finally, officially start work on the 16th. 
December: I have more written than this, but I'm in the middle of a scene and I don't want to put up just the first half.

That just about covers it, I think.
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