Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

When it comes to snow days, we are all eternally eight years old.

My supervisor called me this morning to tell me that work wasn't opening up because of the snow, and that therefore I would get to stay home today.  I did this:


Is there anything better than a surprise day off when you're an adult?  Especially when you can't go do anything else, so you're under no obligation to run errands or any other assorted adult things?  So far today, I have: eaten a luxurious breakfast; played Castlevania; played Civilization; shoveled the driveway, which I generally actually enjoy.  However, with shoveling, it's hard to find that balance between bundling up enough so you don't get cold, and bundling up too much and getting hot.  As I stripped out of my gloves and coat and hats and auxiliary pants in the garage, there was steam wafting up from my head and arms, like football players look on the sidelines when it's cold.  It was ~awesome.

Now I am interneting, and later I will play more Civ, watch a movie (Crazy Heart or The Lovely Bones), watch some TV (I have an episode of Lie to Me, three of How I Met Your Mother, and the first episode of Downton Abbey lined up and ready to go), eat a luxurious lunch, maybe take a nap (!!!), lounge and read.  However, I am most excited about the chance to sit and write.  When I first went to bed last night, I had some Tetris Effect from playing Castlevania during the entire Chiefs game yesterday, so I fought ghouls and werewolves in my head for awhile.  BUT THEN, I had one of those glorious nights where my mind is racing and I can't go to sleep, but it's okay, because the next part of my movie (really, the rest of it, except for one tricksy transition scene) just played in my head seemingly from nowhere, and I worked things out, and everything was awesome.  And I was worried about working all day and not getting around to writing and then losing it, but now I can write and it will be fantastic!  Yay!

Still a banana, everyone.  Still dancing.
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