Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

"No. Yes. No. Yes. Yes!"

nhpw and I have been chatting this morning about the Porn Battle, and what we would write for it, and what prompts there are.  This led to the following conversation:

Becky:  And then I was like, "For funsies... Tron?" And sure enough.
These folks thought of EVER-Y-THING.
Shannon:  seriously
i am still shaking my head over alan bradley/john sheridan
that's just...
when i talked about doing a b5/tron crossover, i was obviously thinking tron/delenn
Now - I think there were some Alan/Lora/Flynn ones that I was like
"Yeah, that makes sense."
Shannon:  i can get behind that
i don't think i'd go for alan/flynn, but i could go for tron/flynn

Becky:  or Tron/Clu
I think that was there, too
Shannon:  yeah, i don't like that one as well
clu's a bitch
haha, omg
my brain
"yes.  yes.  yes.  no.  yes.  yes!  yes!  yes!  no."
Becky:  LOL
...I love that scene but I am not writing byte porn.
There's a sentence you don't hear every day.

Shannon:  heeeeeeeee

Becky:  "I am not writing byte porn."
Tags: fandom, trololo, tron

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