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Also, "...when the tornado siren going off means it's time to go outside and look for the funnel."

I've seen this "you know you're from [blank] when..." meme a couple places, so I decided to do it myself. There were ones for Kansas proper and just Kansas City, so I picked my favorites from both. Ones that are true are in bold; I cut a lot of the ones that didn't apply because there were a lot, since the Kansas meme was skewed towards people from western Kansas (one of them was, "You know someone's from Kansas City when they consider everything west of Topeka to be western Kansas," and I was like, ooo, burn), and a lot of the Kansas City meme was skewed toward KCMO, which, KCMO sucks, whatever.

You know you're from Kansas City when... know that
Kansas City is actually two cities in two states, Kansas and Missouri, and you make sure people know which one you're from.

... if you live on the
Kansas side, you think Missouri drivers are pokey and frustrating.

... you know just how fierce the KU vs MU rivalry is; and that you'd best pick a side and stay loyal.

... your airport is known as KCI (
Kansas CityInternationalAirport) yet, the airport code is MCI.

... you tell visitors that your city is the "City of
Fountains" and they look at you blankly because no one outside of the city has EVER heard it called that, even though we do have over 200 fountains sprinkled throughout the city.

... you've given the following answers: "Yes, we have tornados." "No, I don't know Dorothy." "No, I've never met the Wizard and I've never been to Oz."

... you whined through the 90's about Marty ball and now wish he was back so the Chiefs could just make the playoffs.

... you Christmas shop at the Plaza and ice skate at
CrownCenter in the winter.  (I don't have a death wish, so no.)

... you know better than to try and drive through "the triangle" at rush hour.  (I know better than to drive through the triangle at any hour.)'ve been told that you're going to hell or asked to help a guy put a "down payment on a cheesburger" when walking through the plaza.

... you know to get off the interstate if you're headed into downtown and the traffic report says there's an accident at the
Benton curve.

... you know Leawood sucks.

... you've had a skyscraper at Winsteads.

... you've said "but we were in Missouri, so the cops just let us go"

... you very rarely actually go downtown, unless you're going to a convention at Bartle Hall, a concert at Kemper, or a play at one of the downtown theatres.

... you brag about having the only WWI memorial in the nation, but neglect to tell people it looks like a cock and balls.

... you've ridiculed the giant shuttlecock sculptures on the lawn of the
NelsonAtkinsMuseum of Art to your local friends, but defended them to out-of-towners.

... you think
JohnsonCounty folks are a bit pretentious (even if you are one).'ve had Brian Busby come to your school to talk about Weather.

... you've had a Gates BBQ employee scream at you, "May I help you?"

... you've gotten in a fight in gradeschool over the MU/KU allegiance.

... the term "the Dot" itself has made you laugh.

... your driving directions always involve
Ward Parkway or State Line.

WyandotteCounty confuses the hell out of you.

... you think that every year is the year the Chiefs will win it all.

... you've spent many a day riding rides and eating park food at Worlds of Fun.

... you've watched the American Royal parade and rodeo and sampled BBQ at the annual cookoff.'ll only buy a drink at a baseball game if it is advertised by a man yelling "LEEMONADE LEEMONADE LEEMONADE (There are...other ways of advertising you have a box of lemonade on your head?)

... you know that KC has a jazz district down at 18th and Vine, even if you've never been there.

... you know that if you don't get to Suicide Hill by 8 AM, you're gonna get nothing but dirt.

... you have had some of the best bbq in your life... at a gas station.    (Everyone raves about Oklahoma Joe's, but the one time we drove over to try it, the parking lot was beyond packed, and since it was a gas station parking lot, we decided to just go to Quick's instead.)

... one of your guilty pleasures is Go Chicken Go, despite how disgusting it really is.

... you've eaten a meal that was delivered to you by a model train.

.. regardless if you're from the suburban wannabe KC area, you still tell people from out of town you're from KC; and that's because it sounds so much worse to say you're from Shawnee Mission, Leawood, Overland Park, Liberty, Harrisonville, Belton, Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, Mission Hills, Olathe, Odessa, Longview, Grandview, Raytown, Merriam, Riverside, Kearney, De Soto, Fairway, Gladstone, Excelsior, Leavenworth, Ottawa, Prairie Village, Raymore, Bonner Springs (hahahahaha), Parkville, Tonganoxie, Unity Village, Westwood, Peculiar, or Riverside. I mean come on, how lame is that? 
(These are all their own cities, and yet I guarantee you, 90% of the people living in them, if talking to someone from out of state, would say they're from Kansas City.  Absolutely.  That's why the greater KC metro area is so enormous.)

... you and your friends have been talking about stealing a 69 South sign for years.  (Haha, a high school friend did.)

... you are wary of Flush Creek.

... you still call it Sandstone.  (Yeah, screw you, Verizon Wireless, it's Sandstone.)

... you've played football on the median of
Ward Parkway.

... you went to Knights of
Columbus dances.

... you know that fireworks sustain
Riverside (And cheap booze.)

... it can take you up to 45 minutes to get to a friends house, without traffic.

... you know the following numbers: 648-8888 and 321-2277 (and can sing the accompanying songs).  (OMG.  Totally.  The 648-8888 song is set to

... you spent a full day learning how life works at
(Where I first wrote a check!!!)

... you remember running through the crown center fountains as a kid.

... you've stood in line for hours to buy a dual pass for The Edge of Hell and The Beast and complained about how bad the Beast sucked afterwards

... you've been to Kaleidoscope (and still want to go back).  (Awesome.)

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