Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

Random Photo Post!

It's time for another one.  I will begin with this amazing face that my youngest sister has started making.  Like many things, she did it once, I laughed forever, so now she's going to do it at every opportunity.  But it's so awesome, I can't begrudge her doing it.  I think she asked me to buy her a sub and I told her no, and this was the result:


She looks like Orson Welles!  She seriously does, OMG.  Look.


Revision time!  Yes, I print six pages to a page, double-sided; I can print an entire script with about ten-twelve sheets of paper.


The inexplicable snack machine in my work's break room.  I tried it once and got the wrong M&Ms. 

Latin books!  This isn't even all the Latin books.

My sixteen year old sister's luxurious gray hair.

In conclusion, I had this plan for making tons of Miranda gifs, but I never seem to have time, so here's the one gif I've made thus far, maybe, potentially more pending.
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