Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

The World of Published Fanfic

So I just started this new Pride and Prejudice book and it's...okay.  I'd read another trilogy that was much better, the events of the book from Darcy's perspective; still, this one has sex so that's fun.  But it kind of got me thinking about this whole genre of books, which is basically just published fanfiction.  Some of them even start out as fanfic posted online.

What it made me think about is that I obviously just need to write some Austen novel-length fanfic.  Except when I think on it, all that comes to me is some weird AU Marianne Dashwood/Severus Snape thing and that doesn't even make sense.  But if I had the time, I think I'd write something along those lines anyway, because I am coming up with the most cracked-out wonderful ideas.

That's...the extent of this post.  Who else am I going to talk about wanting to write a Sense and Sensibility/Harry Potter crossover if not with you guys?
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