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Yay for Health Insurance!

So aside from the paltry "insurance" I had when I was in college, I pretty much haven't had health insurance in a really long time.  I got some benefits when I got my new job, and today was the first time I got to put them to use.  I'm prone to bad ear infections, which is why I practice constant vigilance - I always blow dry my ears (LOL, but seriously) and at the first instant of trouble I start taking decongestants.  And I haven't had a really bad one in at least three years. 

Thursday, started feeling the Slight Soreness of Potential Ear Troubles, and got on the Sudafed wagon.  Thought I had nipped it in the bud.  Then this morning I sneezed - oh God.  The Snap Crackle Pop of Ear Troubles, They Be Here.  I'm at work, obviously, and it was agony.  AGONY.  On my very own personal and highly relative pain scale, it was an eight.  There was an hour where I was pretty much just crying while I was trying to work, and everyone was like ARE YOU GOING TO BE OKAY and it did in fact sound like that because, y'know.  Ear.  In Pain.  Lots.  I took a half day, went to urgent care, kind of threw my insurance card down - an insurance card!  what the hell is that! - and just said, "Job tells me I can have healthies please for cheaper scan cards look in ear I pay some they pay most need antibiotics and pain pills thank you."

And it happened.  ANTIBIOTICS AND STEROIDS AND HYDROCOOOOOODOOOOOONE.  (I don't know if you can tell, but I'm on some now.)  And like, I haven't taken a really long time.  So I'm pretty sure my immune system looks like Tigh and Chief when the Galactica drops out of the sky - like...holy shit.  What is that.  What is falling towards us.  OH GOD IT'S HELP.  (Now I'm going to imagine each antibiotic pill as a little Galactica.)

Put TVs on my PSP, had my book, had cats.  Laid in bed and sometimes read, sometimes drowsed while holding book up, woke up suddenly like ack!  a book!  And the cats didn't like that and finally left.  Watched the first episode of Game of Thrones.  Now it's time for night-time pain pill.  I will probably be able to work tomorrow, though if I have to take hydrocodone I can't drive, so will have to be ~chauffeured. 
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