Shannon (kungfuwaynewho) wrote,

I bet you wish your life were this exciting.

It took a PM from someone to make me realize that I haven't posted in awhile.  I'm not dead!  Here's how I've been spending my time lately:

1. Working.

2. Writing on this novel-thing.  I'm 15,000 words in, and I know the essentials of the main story if not all the details, which is how I like it best.  (Sometimes I know all the early details but have no idea where I'm actually going, which isn't as good.)  I'm really enjoying it a great deal, and I hope I can keep up my enthusiasm - I'm not sure what if anything I'd ever do with it, but it's fun to try something new.  I've been debating whether I want to post chapters as I go, since I had such a good experience live-writing my screenplay here.  Eh, IDK.

3. Watching TV.  I've been catching up on Community, Parks and Rec, Raising Hope and Modern Family.  It's nice to wake up a little early and start my day with a bowl of cereal and a sitcom.

That's about it!  I've sort of taken a bit of a break from the internet; I haven't checked tumblr since Monday, I haven't been reading ONTD or my various film and gossip sites or the various Fandom Wank comms.  Sometimes I get a little ennui about the internet and I know it's time to do something else for awhile; I'll get into ruts where that's all I do in my free time, is just sit in front of the computer for hours, and I end up getting kind of blue.  It may seem silly to others that watching TV makes me feel productive, but hey, that's just how I roll.

Though tonight I have scifiland bingo!  I'm excited, since I can't remember the last time a bingo's been held when I'm actually (a) home and (b) awake.  I need to start uploading gifs in preparation.

ETA: I've noticed this a lot in the stupid "haha the world is ending LOL let's make fun of people whee!" media onslaught of the supposed apocalypse today - why is it so freaking hard to remember that the Book of Revelation is singular?  It isn't Revelations!  It's Revelation!  Just the one!  I'm flipping and hit CNN and of course there's a story about it because that's all they've talked about this whole week for who knows what reason, and there it was again.  Book of Revelations.  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.  IT'S LIKE IF PEOPLE CONSTANTLY REFERRED TO THE BOOK OF DANIELS OR THE BOOK OF LUKES.  IF ANYONE WHO EVER REPORTED ON THIS KIND OF THING, OR WROTE ABOUT IT ON TV (I AM LOOKING AT YOU SUPERNATURAL YOU DO THIS LIKE EVERY THIRD EPISODE) EVER ACTUALLY OPENED A BIBLE AND, LIKE, READ THE WORDS IT WOULD BE PLAIN TO SEE THAT IT IS JUST THE ONE REVELATION. 

(Also, this reminds me of the time Supernatural had that episode about the demon named Samhain and everyone pronounced it phonetically.  I may or may not have crawled under my couch and died.)
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