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Maybe some people go out and do things on a Friday night?

I had a day off today, which was lovely.  I spent the morning with my Grandpa - we went to a thrift store, where I found an honest-to-God Buffy the Vampire Slayer metal lunchbox.  Amazing!  Then we played cards and he beat me every hand because he is a big cheater.  I took a bunch of pictures of his garden (along with assorted and sundry other random things today), but I am too lazy to get them off my phone, clean them up, and upload them, so that's a post for another day.

Why am I too lazy?  Because I spent THE REST OF THE DAY WRITING.  Because I'm an idiot.  Because I decided I just had to hurry up and write a Fringe spec for AFF, said submissions being due on Wednesday.  Though I'd like to submit Monday at the latest.  I might be able to, as I managed to get the whole first half done today.  25 pages!  Of course, TV is always easier to write than features, at least for me.  Hopefully I'll finish tomorrow, and then have Sunday to edit.

I'm actually happy with it so far, considering that when I started writing I only had the teaser and the final scene in mind.  I still don't actually know how I'm going to resolve it - and that's half the fun!  It's a Season Four ~premiere, and I think it's also exciting to try and figure out one possibility for how a show will come back after a cliffhanger.

Other than that, it's been a pretty normal day.  Two of my neighbors had a fight.  (A real fight!)  (Not really; they were just yelling at each other.)  This one neighbor of ours is a total tool.  When I was a freshman in college he stole my cat.  He actually stole my cat.  (He'd been feeding it and letting the kids take it into their house to play with, and I asked him to stop when I was home on spring break.  My dad calls me a few weeks later to tell me that this guy claimed he hit it with his car, took it to the emergency vet, and if we repaid him the $500 he spent we could have it back.  My dad called the cops, but they wouldn't do anything and told him he could take it to small claims court, which to this day I think is absolute bullshit.  We all have to stop and think about what our neighbor's actual name is; we call the whole family The Catstealers, as though that is their last name.)

ANYWAY, Catstealer has two dogs that roam the neighborhood.  They replaced his previous dog that roamed the neighborhood until he tied it up one day so tight that it ended up choking itself.  (Have I mentioned that this guy is an absolute and total dick and probably should be investigated for animal cruelty?)  I guess these dogs crapped all over my next-door neighbor's front porch.  These are big dogs, so I think it was, y 'know, a lot.  My neighbor walked over to Catstealer's house and knocked on the door.  All their cars were out front, but no one came to the door and answered him.  So my neighbor went back to his house, got a shovel of the dog crap from off his front porch, walked back to Catstealer's, and THREW THE DOG SHIT ALL OVER HIS DOOR.  AMAZING.  So then Catstealer comes out, and they go at it.  

Once we hear there's a fight going on, we all run to our windows to eavesdrop, as one does.  The story was only pieced together later when my brother reports - he'd gone outside to listen.  I actually wasn't able to hear much because AN ACTUAL GODDAMN BIPLANE was circling overhead.  I did manage to hear our neighbor threaten to "take care of the dogs" if something isn't done, so we're going to keep the cats inside for a few days just in case he does something stupid like put poison out.  Now, I'm not a fan of dogs running free like that, but it's not the dogs' fault.  They're just dogs.  It's Catstealer's fault for not having an actual fence up (it's this rickety wood thing), and not keeping the gates closed, etc.  So I hope nothing does happen to the dogs; I actively hated his previous dog, because it would run up on you when you tried to get in your car and was mean, whereas these current dogs are just kinda annoying, but I was still upset when I heard how it died.

So anyway, that was kind of fun.
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