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I would totally go door to door for this theater.

You know how some people proselytize about their religion?  And they're super into it and you can tell it's really important to them and maybe you even think once in a while "hmm, maybe I should try it out if it makes you feel that good"?  And they just keep doggedly bringing whatever up over and over because to not preach is just unthinkable?

I'm like that about the Alamo Drafthouse theaters in Austin, Texas. 

These are the BEST MOVIE THEATERS EVER.  They are THE BEST.  Every other movie theater pales in comparison.  Full menu of really fantastic food, alcohol, very cool special presentations (a sample: Shaun of the Dead with blow-up bats to smack your neighbors during the zombie fighting scenes; Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical sing-a-long; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with all-you-can-eat pizza; all three Lord of the Rings movies lasting all day, served with a "hobbit feast" that is, like, eight separate meals).  Best of all, though, they have a very strict no talking/texting/being annoying policy.  Before every single movie, there's a short reminder that tells you that if you talk or text or annoy your neighbors during the film, they will, and I quote, take your ass out.  They're very creative with this message.  There was one featuring Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, for instance.  Here's a bunch of others.

This is the best one ever, though.  How could you not have the best time ever watching movies at a theater like this?

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