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No, seriously.  Hahaha.  I actually thought I'd get done with my babylon5_love fic by tonight, so I could edit it tomorrow.  THAT'S HILARIOUS, SHANNON.  YOU ARE SUCH A KIDDER.  When I started working on this - you know, a couple weeks ago - I said to myself, "Self," I said, "what can you write in a few weeks?  A drabble?  A fun little piece of fluff?  A slightly meatier yet still lean character study?  Sure.  You could write those things.  Or you could write a plot-dense horror action ensemble novella!  That would be so much fun!"

Based on my outline, I'm at the nadir, which puts me between the midpoint and the second act break.  (Yes, I still outline everything with a plot like it's a screenplay, because that's the only way I know how.)  Even if I wrote like a GQMF tomorrow, I'd be lucky to finish the next chapter, which puts me at the act break.  So.  I'm going to have to post a WIP, which is LAME BALLS.

However, according to the calendar, no one's signed up for tomorrow, so I whipped up something fun.  I'll post it in the morning.  I think it is awesome, and very insightful, and it will be yay.
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